Cost of Attendance

The cost of each of Northcentral University's programs may vary depending on the number of transfer credits accepted and other factors such as leveling courses, repeated courses, etc. The link below provides more information about cost of attendance at NCU.

Tuition and Fees

Northcentral University employs a straight forward, easy to understand approach to tuition and fees that includes a cost per course tuition rate and minimal additional fees. To learn more about tuition and fees at NCU, visit:

Student Budgets

Student budgets are an important component in the financial aid process. Standard student budgets used to award financial aid reflect the cost of attendance for the average student population at a modest, but adequate, standard of living. To learn more about how student budgets are derived and updated at NCU, visit:

Miscellaneous Program Fees

Northcentral University attempts to keep book costs and other miscellaneous program fees to a minimum. Upon enrollment, each student is informed of any additional fees that are not included in the cost per course tuition rate. To learn more about miscellaneous program fees at NCU, visit: