Available Financial Assistance Options and Programs

Federal, State and Institutional Financial Aid Programs

The Northcentral University Financial Services team is committed to helping students through the financial aid process and making sure they are on a tuition plan that best suits their needs. For those who qualify, the University participates in the Federal Veterans Education Benefit program and the Federal Student Aid (FSA) program to offer Pell Grants and Direct Loans (Stafford and PLUS Loans). To learn more about these programs, visit:

  • The Northcentral University Financial Services team works to help each student understand his/her eligibility for financial assistance. A student who becomes ineligible for Federal Student Aid (FSA) funds due to a drug conviction regains eligibility for FSA funds the day after the period of ineligibility ends; or when he or she completes a qualified drug rehabilitation program that includes passing two unannounced drug tests given by such a program. For more information about eligibility requirements for Federal Student Aid (FSA) funds, visit: Federal Financial Aid Programs

General Eligibility Requirements

For eligibility for Federal Student Aid (FSA) funds, visit:

Grants & Loans

For information on federal, state or institutional grants and loans, visit:

Scholarships and Additional Financial Options

For more information about additional financial assistance opportunities, visit: