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How an Organization Transitioned 400+ Team Members to Remote Work

With Karen Whitney, Chief Operating and Financial Officer, National Education Partners

Over the course of 5 days, National Education Partners transitioned 400+ employees from the office to remote work. Here is how they did it.

Creating Support Resources

  • We created a central place on our Intranet that includes all Communications as well as technical support information.
  • We reminded employees of ways to interact with Human Resources for FMLA, ADA and policy related questions.
  • We shared the Emergency Closure phone number that would include necessary information.  
  • We reminded employees of our HR benefit of the Employee Assistance Program.  
  • We reminded employees how IT Support questions should be routed.  We have monitored the questions and provided additional tips based upon questions.
  • We filmed a video from our leaders talking about their tips for a remote work environment.

10 Success Tips for Working Remotely

  1. Stay calm
  2. Build a stress-free zone
  3. Get up
  4. Get some fresh air
  5. Set up a place *not* to go
  6. Get ready
  7. Close the door
  8. Create routines
  9. Stay connected
  10. Don't forget about security