July NCU Bright Future Scholarship Recipient: Peter-Nam Dinh

As one of the July NCU Bright Future Scholarship recipients, Peter-Nam Dinh believes that this opportunity symbolizes and confirms that he has chosen the right career path. 

According to Dinh, “Without the burden of tuition, I can devote much more of my energy to becoming the best I can be in my chosen field.  This scholarship is a life changer.” 

July NCU Future Scholarship Recipient: Hali Hunt

“Advanced degrees through higher education have always been a childhood dream of mine,” says Hali Hunt, one of the July NCU Bright Future Scholarship recipients. “I will be the first male in my family to obtain such a prestigious accomplishment.” 

NCU Bright Future Scholarship Recipient: Marcia Ublies

“Regardless of what is going on in your life, never give up on your passion,” says Marcia Ublies, one of the June winners of the NCU Bright Future Scholarship. “If you continue to press through the pain, in the end you will be victorious.”

Overwhelmed with so much going on in her life and compounded by a death in the family, Ublies came close to not finishing her scholarship application, but ultimately she persevered.

Congratulations to Our July NCU Bright Future Scholarship Recipients!

Northcentral University is pleased to announce the three new students who were chosen as recipients of full tuition scholarships for the master’s or doctoral degree programs of their choice!

The July NCU Bright Future Scholarship awardees were selected on the strength of their essay submissions on the topic, “How would an NCU degree help you gain freedom from obstacles and create new opportunities?”

Quicken Loans Trains Employees on Emergency Preparedness

By Vickie Fountain, NCU student,DBA-Organizational Leadership

As part of our Ghost Program blog series, Vickie shares what she's learned from her "internship" with Quicken Loans:

NCU Bright Future Scholarship Winner: Elizabeth Carroll

Former Dropout and NCU Doctoral Candidate Aims to Keep More Students in School

Not all higher education journeys begin the same — with the excitement and anticipation of the path ahead. In fact, some paths start at the end of a rocky and bumpy road. Elizabeth Carroll’s journey is an example of the latter.

Carroll grew up in rural Kentucky and became a dropout immediately after graduating from middle school. “I hated everything about school,” she says. “I felt alienated, isolated and inadequate.”

June Bright Future Scholarship Winner: John Lohrfink

Advancing His Journey of Public Service

John Lohrfink’s history of public service began when he was a teen. The NCU School of Business and Technology Management student served hundreds of hours as a volunteer Firefighter and reveled in helping his community.

“I was a ‘light’ for someone else, and the feeling of doing something good for others overwhelmed my senses,” he says.  

June NCU Bright Future Recipient: Wanda Malave

Bridging the Gap Between Communities and Law Enforcement

Wanda Malave has a peaceful vision. For the past 27 years, she’s dreamed of facilitating positive change between local law enforcement and the communities they serve—and, the full tuition NCU Bright Future Scholarship will support her journey to achieve it.

“It feels as if I’ve received a dose of strength and vigor to keep moving forward,” she says of being one of the recipients of the June scholarship.

NCU Bright Future Scholarship Recipient: Rachel Meier

Researching Emotional Intelligence to Enhance the Human Experience

Rachel Meier is a champion of human emotions. As a mental health therapist and Psychology instructor at  Southeast Community College, Meier immerses herself in the beauty and complexity of the human mind, heart and spirit on a daily basis. 

Here’s Another Opportunity to Grow with NCU: The NCU August Back to School Scholarship

It’s August, marking the last hurrah for the dog days of summer. This month is usually the start of the planning process for the new school year. Even though our students can start their degree program whenever it fits their schedule, Northcentral University is getting back into the school spirit with the NCU August Back to School Scholarship.  


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