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Using Technology to your Advantage for Collaboration and Data Storage

Chelsea Young
Vice President, Academic Engagement

"I know I have that email here somewhere."

"I can't remember what folder I saved that document in."

"Which version of this document has the most recent comments from the group?"

"Can you please send me that document with your comments again?"

"My computer's hard drive just crashed, and I lost everything!"

The First Applications of Global Analytics

The question you may be asking yourself is what is Global Analytics? You may already know about the power of analytics and data-driven decisions.  But what the process of doing this globally and how has this led to the management of remote teams?  My first experience with global analytics was in the early 1990s when I worked as a risk analyst at GE Capital.

Benefits of Using a Knowledge Management System?

Benefits of Using a Knowledge Management System?

Josh Brown

Before we discuss best practices for creating a knowledge management system, let’s take a closer look at why you should make use of one for remote operations.

Remote Team Alignment

Creating alignment throughout your organization is one of the biggest challenges remote teams face.

Introducing Knowledge Management Systems

Introducing Knowledge Management Systems

Josh Brown

Data management is an essential part of running any business.

Of course, it’s a pretty involved process, too. Whether we’re talking about internal files and documents to customer-facing information and content, your company has a lot of data to keep track of.

Online Education Needs More Than Technology to Be Done Right

By David Harpool, President, Northcentral University 

Northcentral University is a private, nonprofit online university focused on delivering primarily graduate education to working professionals.

As colleges and universities decide how to handle the upcoming fall semester, some are moving more courses online. Unfortunately, “online” is becoming synonymous to “technology-supported courses,” not true remote learning

Tips for Building Empathy and Inclusion in the Classroom

Our country is hurting right now, which means our students are hurting. Schools, which are often a safe place of refuge, are unavailable. Educators must begin to prepare for students’ return, whatever that will look like.

Building a Culture of Wellness Among a Virtual Team

Arguably more important than the wellness benefits that an intuition or organization offers is the culture that empowers the employees to create, request, and use these benefits.

Good News and Bad News


“So, do you want the good news or the bad news?” asks Julie Nolke in her comedy video, Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self. Julie-from-the-future begins by confiding, “Things have never been better for climate change.”

The Promise of TeleHealth Technology

Converting nearly everything to distance modalities and adapting services remotely have earnestly been popular topics in the age of COVID-19. Our society’s way of communicating might have changed forever as social distancing could be the new normal and wearing a face mask becoming part of our daily wardrobe.

Celebrating African American Achievement on Juneteenth

“... Oppressed so hard, they could not stand. Let my people go!”
Sung by Louis Armstrong
Written by Sy Oliver


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