School of Health Sciences Dean Earns Top Healthcare Management Credential

NCU is proud to announce that our School of Health Sciences Dean recently became a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), the nation’s leading professional society for healthcare leaders.

Kids and Technology: Creating a Safe Environment for Your Children

If you’re a parent with school-age or younger children, there’s a chance they’ve told you multiple times that they want the latest phones, games, or tech gadgets. But before you swipe that card or head to the gadget store for a look, remember that kids and screen time don’t always gel.

5 Great TED Talks for Graduate Students

As a graduate student, you are constantly looking for inspiration. During times of intense research or moments of mental exhaustion, finding a way to process all of the work and find balance is crucial, and NCU wants you to know that we have your back throughout the journey. 

Exploring Careers Outside of the Classroom

Teaching, they say, is a vocation--more than just a calling because it transforms lives. Thankfully, teaching doesn’t happen solely inside classrooms. Outside the hallowed halls of a schoolroom, there are ways to impact minds and improve lives. 

10 Terms that Every MBA Student Should Know

Earning your MBA can be a real challenge, and with so many students pursuing advanced degrees in the field, it's easy to get overwhelmed in the shuffle.

Learn How You’ll Work

Increasingly recognized for its effectiveness in achieving student outcomes, online learning is providing access to higher education and the convenience of anywhere, anytime learning.

Nursing Careers for Professionals with Advanced Nursing Degrees

Baby boomers are growing older, and more Americans are gaining access to affordable healthcare. Unfortunately, the current healthcare system, which has been experiencing a “persistent shortage of skilled workers,” is not adequately equipped to handle these mounting pressures.  

Take 5 with Brian Bontempo, Ed. D.

Since joining Lake County Educational Service Center (LCESC) in 2005, Dr. Brian Bontempo has championed education by supporting the institution’s mission to provide innovative programs and quality services to the educational community in Lake County, Ohio.

Take 5 with Joe Marencik, Ed.D.

Dr. Joe Marencik has influenced many eager students during his 28-year career as a science and engineering teacher at Shaker Heights High School in Ohio. In 2018, he was recognized for his ability to guide young minds by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology letter of recognition. Incoming freshman and 2018 Shaker Heights graduate, Jocelyn Ting shared his name as the teacher who influenced her academic development.

Take 5 with Amy Linder, PhD

Since her days as a member on the 2000 Livingstone College women’s basketball championship team, Dr. Amy Linder has followed her dual interests of physical activity and education.


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