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Northcentral Insights and Stories

computer technology, cyber security
Apr 9 2019
In the 1995 film “The Net,” the identity of Angela Bennett, Sandra Bullock’s character, was stolen, resulting in a string of sinister incidents, including multiple murder attempts, that forced her to run for her life.
job interview tips
Apr 5 2019
Completing your degree is no easy task, and once you're finished, finding the right job is just as difficult. 
Mar 29 2019
  Northcentral University is pleased to announce the recipients of our February President’s Scholarship – a full tuition scholarship. Congratulations to the following six recipients!  Caitlin Collado-Garrison Degree Program: Doctor of Business Administration with a specialization in marketing
business metrics, employee engagement
Mar 28 2019
Human resource professionals have a unique role in the workplace that caters to corporate needs and the wellbeing of employees. Quotas must be met, positions have to be filled, and overall, everyone should be generally happy day in and day out.
job interview
Mar 27 2019
NCU offers post graduate career resources to assist students with career advancement. Students find support through alumni networks, career services, and expert faculty.  Once you approach your graduation date, you may start feeling overwhelmed about what happens next. It's been a long road with many obstacles, and even though you should be celebrating the end goal, you still have a bit more work to do in order to land a great job!