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criminal justice
Oct 22 2018
White collar crimes are on the rise, and they can impact their victims profoundly. We list some of the most common white collar crimes in this article.
Oct 17 2018
Technology is the new frontier of the modern world, so discovering its trajectory is crucial to understanding what trends and possibilities are on the horizon. NCU believes in preparing its students for the future, which is why we are diving into what next in technology.
Oct 15 2018
Dr. Amber Ciccanti, an NCU graduate with a DBA in Criminal Justice, retired as a police sergeant and today is pursuing her second passion, teaching as a full-time professor. Her experience has led her to create Calming Sirens, an event that brings together public safety officials and members of the special needs population to teach these individuals that police, fire and EMTs are not to be feared.
Oct 12 2018
Worried there’s no time for college? Leverage strategies from NCU graduates with families who worked full time while earning master’s degrees. #NCUWorks
NCU counseling careers
Sep 28 2018
Interested in empowering and supporting individuals who are struggling with a variety of issues? NCU’s Marriage and Family Therapy programs can open the door to new possibilities.