Northcentral Insights and Stories

Charlene Carlberg NCU
Feb 5 2018
Scholarships offer more than financial help, often times they are also the catalyst that encourages dreamers to become doers. These incentives can embolden potential students to imagine the possibilities life might hold if they earn their degree. Many students also find that writing a scholarship essay revitalizes their passion and offers the motivation they need to get started.
NCU alum Dr. Michael Apperson
Feb 1 2018
NCU alum Dr. Michael Apperson served with the U.S. Navy from July 1985 to August 2015. During his 30 years of service, Dr. Apperson’s job titles included Submarine Fire Control Technician, Chief of the Boat, and Command Master Chief.
computer science degree at ncu
Jan 30 2018
Are you ready to take your IT career to the next level? You can with Northcentral University’s new Master of Science in Computer Science.
Water cycle in a bag Source Playdough to Plato
Jan 24 2018
Research indicates that a nation’s ability to innovate and thrive in the modern workplace hinges on a strong foundation in math and science. A vibrant, sustained democracy is likewise believed to be dependent on it.
how to pay for grad school NCU
Jan 18 2018
Everyone knows that without careful planning, grad school debt can become your financial albatross long after graduation. But it doesn’t automatically have to be debilitating, if you wrangle your budget regularly while in school.