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students, relationships, supporting students
Feb 27 2019
Being a graduate student is no easy feat. Juggling time between work, school, and family requires serious time management and organization skills--not to mention, tons of patience and willpower, including the willingness to forego sleep and social life.
workplace, culture, business
Feb 26 2019
As time passes, so do old ways of thinking. This is especially true for new cultural trends in U.S. businesses, which can have a far-reaching influence. One example of a workplace trend that started regionally and expanded nationally and beyond is business casual.
parenting tips
Feb 20 2019
Valentine's Day is a special time for people all over the country to make arrangements with their loved ones, and if you have a teenager in the house, you may find yourself dealing with a whole new set of challenges to accompany the romance.
public administration careers
Feb 20 2019
Earning an advanced degree can lead to some amazing career opportunities, but perhaps one of the most rewarding and flexible pathways to pursue is a doctoral degree in business administration with a public administration specialization.
graduate, author
Feb 12 2019
Dr. Richard Sheng’s 30 years of work in aviation has produced extraordinary results and recognition on two continents. He was selected in the 11th group of the Thousand Talent Program which was established by the central Chinese government to recognize and recruit international experts. During his 23 years working in the U.S.