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professor, teacher
Dec 28 2018
Dr. Joe Marencik has influenced many eager students during his 28-year career as a science and engineering teacher at Shaker Heights High School in Ohio. In 2018, he was recognized for his ability to guide young minds by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology letter of recognition. Incoming freshman and 2018 Shaker Heights graduate, Jocelyn Ting shared his name as the teacher who influenced her academic development.
phd, sports leadership
Dec 18 2018
Since her days as a member on the 2000 Livingstone College women’s basketball championship team, Dr. Amy Linder has followed her dual interests of physical activity and education.
healthcare privacy
Dec 17 2018
In the healthcare industry, mistakes involving patients and medical staff can happen. A report published in 2017 by the HIPAA Journal found that data breaches have shown an upward trend since 2009, resulting in major privacy threats from stolen or lost healthcare records and information. In fact, during that span, over 176 million healthcare records were exposed, equaling more than 50% of the U.S.
technology tools for students
Dec 11 2018
“When preparation meets opportunity, luck happens.”  The Roman philosopher Seneca is believed to have said this line, and it’s a perfect reminder that well-prepared people are more likely to get “lucky.”
NCU alum Julie Parker, PhD
Dec 10 2018
As an educator, curriculum developer, researcher and author specializing in early childhood education, Julie C. Parker, PhD knows the power that education has to transforms lives.  Since earning her PhD in Education from Northcentral University in 2012, Dr.