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Feb 19 2018
Student: Elizabeth Carroll NCU Degree Program: EDD: Doctor of Education, Curriculum, and Teaching Current Name of Employer: Florida Gateway College Title: Assistant Professor
Kimika Samms NCU PhD Student
Feb 13 2018
There’s no doubt about it, a degree can change your life. But what about the opportunity to earn your degree completely on scholarship? A full-tuition scholarship is helping NCU student Kimika Samms realize her dream of earning a PhD, all without the financial burden of tuition. Here’s what she has to say about receiving a scholarship and going back to school to pursue her dreams:
financing your masters degree at ncu
Feb 12 2018
Students pursue a master’s degree for a variety of reasons. For some, graduate school allows them to learn more about the field they love. For others, a postgraduate degree is their ticket to a higher-paying job. Whatever your reason for pursuing advanced education, the fact remains that studying for a master’s degree can be costly. How much does a master’s degree cost?
NCU Masters Program Student
Feb 8 2018
If you’ve wondered if it would be worth it to go back to school for a master's degree, you can’t help but notice that many business professionals are doing just that. It helps set them up for a potential promotion and the accompanying increase in salary that would take professional certifications related to your career field or years of additional experience to attain.
Feb 6 2018
Would you be surprised to know that Valentine’s Day has mysterious beginnings? Not only were there two martyrs named Valentine to which the holiday might be attributed, there was an existing ancient roman holiday named Galatin’s Day, which was a fertility celebration.