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Doctor of Education graduate
Nov 8 2018
Dr. Chris Applegate, 2017 Doctor of Education with an emphasis in Higher Education Leadership, will be published in the Association for the Advancement of Computing Education the second quarter of 2019. His paper is titled: Interviewing Principals to Obtain their Perceptions of Certified Teaching Candidates with a Degree from an Online Teaching Program.
Oct 31 2018
What can a master of science in educational psychology do for you? In this article, we explain what it is and the career options available to you upon graduation.
Oct 29 2018
Trying to figure out the rules and guidelines for transferring credits can certainly be frustrating regardless if you're an undergraduate or graduate student.
Oct 26 2018
NCU is sharing some phrases that our School of Social and Behavioral Science faculty believe are essential for every social worker to know.
Oct 24 2018
Here’s how Dr. Jon Coles, NCU graduate, turned his dissertation on the balancing of parental support for collegiate athletes into a winning topic for blog interviews and international podcast.