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Manage your Reputation Online
Mar 10 2017
Before posting that selfie of yourself at a rock concert, or making a statement about the current state of politics, you might want to stop and think. What may seem funny or clever at the time, could come back and bite you. If you’re seeking employment, it’s especially important to consider ways to manage your online reputation.
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Mar 8 2017
Every student is different, some prefer the structure of a traditional class schedule, and being on campus. Other students prefer the freedom of taking classes when it's most convenient for them, and logging into class from the comfort of their own home. Online learning has become readily available at most learning levels, so why not find out if online learning is right for you?
Mar 6 2017
When considering research tools for graduate students, one source we look to is the internet. As of late 2014, there were more than 1 billion websites in cyberspace. There is more information available in a Google search than most people can comprehend. Sometimes, however, a quick Google search may not return exactly what you’re seeking when conducting research as part of your graduate degree program.
Female Leaders in Education, Margaret Bancroft, Mary McLeod Bethune, Marie Clay, & Maria Montessori
Mar 2 2017
March is National Women’s History Month, and we want to highlight some of the outstanding female leaders in Education. Women were not routinely part of the educational system until the 19th century. It wasn’t until the Education Act of 1870 that elementary education became compulsory for both boys and girls in England. Women were also not part of secondary education or college until much later.
Healthy Study Food
Mar 1 2017
Could What You Eat Improve Your Educational Performance? March is National Nutrition Month, and while much of the focus is on losing weight, at NCU, we’re focused on healthy study foods. Research shows that what you eat can boost brainpower and memory, something from which all students could benefit. So next time you’re cramming at 2:00 am, reach for one of our five favorite study foods: