Northcentral Insights and Stories

NCU professor Dr. Brenda Boyd
May 1 2018
Dr. Brenda Boyd, NCU professor in the School of Business, always loved to learn.
NCU Career choices
Apr 30 2018
Since the Great Recession of 2008, the demand for job skills have changed with a greater focus on analytical and technical skills.
NCU logo
Apr 27 2018
Dr. Douglas A. Brown, a 2017 Doctor of Business Administration graduate with an emphasis in Homeland Security Leadership and Policy, teaches emergency management and homeland security courses at Annamaria College Online.
NCU going back to school
Apr 26 2018
So you graduated from college and joined the ranks of the working. But you sometimes felt something was amiss and have considered now to go back to school to get your master’s degree or even a PhD. Is it too late to go back to school? If you are in your 30’s, 40’s or more and decades away since your college days you may feel that ship has sailed.
NCU MBA graduate J.C. Baker
Apr 24 2018
As a social innovator and a change agent, J.C.