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technology tools for students
Dec 11 2018
“When preparation meets opportunity, luck happens.”  The Roman philosopher Seneca is believed to have said this line, and it’s a perfect reminder that well-prepared people are more likely to get “lucky.”
NCU alum Julie Parker, PhD
Dec 10 2018
As an educator, curriculum developer, researcher and author specializing in early childhood education, Julie C. Parker, PhD knows the power that education has to transforms lives.  Since earning her PhD in Education from Northcentral University in 2012, Dr.
Human resources career
Dec 6 2018
Earning your degree and transitioning into a full-time career is something that NCU strives to accomplish for all of its students. No matter what area of study you choose to follow, you can rest assured that you're receiving a quality education that not only accommodates your schedule, but prepares you for success in the professional world. 
disruption technology
Dec 4 2018
We’re pleased to announce the publication of the Fall 2018 Higher Degrees issue.
cyber security, data breach
Dec 3 2018
The number of data breach incidents reached a new high in 2017 at 1,579, which represents a 44.7 percent increase over 2016 events, according to the 2017 Data Breach Year-End Review released by the Identity Theft Resource Center® and CyberScout®.