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May 7 2019
A few words from Dr. Andy Riggle, Dean of the School of Education ... This is a very special time of year for our esteemed Faculty at NCU, as May 6-10, 2019 is National Teacher Appreciation Week! This is a prime opportunity to reflect on the educators in your life who significantly contributed to your current as well as future success.
graduate student, doctoral candidate, online learning
May 3 2019
A self-proclaimed lifelong learner, Mickey Fitch-Collins is a committed NCU doctoral student who currently is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Education with a specialization in Leadership in Higher Education. As the Assistant Director of the Educational Success Center for the University of Wisconsin-Superior, Mickey understands the importance of education and the hurdles students face.
artificial intelligence, ai, cyber security
May 2 2019
The future is here, but it may not be what we envisioned. The life-changing conveniences from Artificial Intelligence (AI) have arrived with some unexpected challenges. And, there’s confusion of what AI is and what it is not.
Apr 29 2019
It is widely known among digital marketers that attention is the currency of the internet, and Facebook and YouTube so far are winning the battle for attention.  In the same vein, teachers know that attention in school children and various other types of learners is the gateway to learning and can directly impact not just students’ attainment of knowledge but their overall happiness as well.
Apr 24 2019
With the U.S. economy finding stability after the Great Recession of 2009, job markets today are in a prime position to expand.