Northcentral Insights and Stories

Boniccis Family Fun Place in McCordsville, Indiana
Apr 17 2018
Jenita Bonisa tells us why she counted on NCU to help make her dream of owning her own business come true.
Manager of Student Disability Services for Northcentral University, Nima Nadjafi
Apr 16 2018
Diversity is an essential component of Northcentral University’s mission. As an online university, we have a unique opportunity to celebrate diversity by removing barriers impeding diverse and historically underserved communities from acquiring an accredited graduate level education.
Apr 11 2018
Did you know that National Library Workers Day is April 11th? Too often we take a tremendous asset like the NCU Library for granted.
Brain foods to help you study
Apr 9 2018
We’ve always been told you are what you eat. Science tells us that some foods increase awareness and mental sharpness, while other foods make us lethargic and give us brain fog.
Business professionals
Apr 6 2018
What kinds of jobs are available to MBA graduates? According to the Financial Times, the primary reason most students pursue an MBA is to increase their salary. And while tuition is on the rise, so is the average alumni pay — $142,000, a 12% increase since 2014.