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Feb 1 2022
Dispositions of both teacher and student can significantly influence the role of technology in any learning movement. This blog post aims to explore the application of technology specifically in college-level dance education.
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Jan 24 2022
By: Jacques Buffett, Certified Professional Resume Writer and Career Expert at Zety In 2021, three words reflected the ongoing turmoil in the US labor market. The Great Resignation. Back in 2020, everyone had hunkered down, both in their personal and work lives.
Jan 18 2022
Daily we are growing in understanding how to best navigate what we face as we determine how to emerge from our pandemic encounter. It is up to you and you alone to find your space, determine your level of comfortability, and walk into your new life. As we learn to lean and depend on others while learning to rely on ourselves, we grow by leaps and bounds. The goal is not to find this challenge overwhelming! When we do, we become paralyzed by fear and the unfamiliar. As we move forward in
Dec 10 2021
By: Sylvia Baffour, Emotional Intelligence Expert and Author of I Dare You to Care. www.sylviaspeaks.com2022 Fourth Quarter CAVO Visiting Virtual Expert
Dec 10 2021
It’s easy for those of us working in virtual organizations to snicker at the idea of “Zoom Fatigue” and virtual meeting burnout. After all, this virtual communication environment is old hat to many of us! We were Zooming long before COVID was even a whisper on the horizon!