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Mar 19 2019
The foundation of NCU’s education model is the one-to-one engagement between doctoral faculty and a graduate student. We believe how faculty-student engagement is structured makes a significant difference. Most theories of adult learning have, as one of their tenets, the concept of adults as independent learners.
alumni, Gallup study
Mar 18 2019
“Part of the potential of online learning is the way it makes education more accessible,” says Dr. J. Robert Sapp, Founding Dean of NCU’s School of Technology. “Diverse students, with their own goals and commitments to balance, can study in a more individualized, flexible educational system.”
female authors, publishing, National Women's History Month
Mar 13 2019
In March of every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. In honor of the brilliant and inspiring female authors who uplift their fellow women with their writing, we’re compiling a short list of books from some of the world’s most admired women authors.
healthcare, careers, terms
Mar 11 2019
People in the medical industry use terminologies that often sound foreign and intimidating to the uninitiated. To do a good job in the healthcare field as an admin professional, learning the language is key to understanding what is discussed, billed, or read, reducing mistakes that can be detrimental to patient safety and the quality of care patients receive. 
doctoral student, education, PhD
Mar 6 2019
Sandi Aurand Bosch has never met an obstacle she couldn’t overcome. She’s faced many in her remarkable life; though often delayed, she never abandoned important goals – even while homeless.