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kids, technology
Jan 17 2019
If you’re a parent with school-age or younger children, there’s a chance they’ve told you multiple times that they want the latest phones, games, or tech gadgets. But before you swipe that card or head to the gadget store for a look, remember that kids and screen time don’t always gel.
business, graduate students, tips, inspiration
Jan 15 2019
As a graduate student, you are constantly looking for inspiration. During times of intense research or moments of mental exhaustion, finding a way to process all of the work and find balance is crucial, and NCU wants you to know that we have your back throughout the journey. 
training, education, careers
Jan 10 2019
Teaching, they say, is a vocation--more than just a calling because it transforms lives. Thankfully, teaching doesn’t happen solely inside classrooms. Outside the hallowed halls of a schoolroom, there are ways to impact minds and improve lives. 
business, online learning, MBA, terms
Jan 7 2019
Earning your MBA can be a real challenge, and with so many students pursuing advanced degrees in the field, it's easy to get overwhelmed in the shuffle.
online education, online learning
Jan 4 2019
Increasingly recognized for its effectiveness in achieving student outcomes, online learning is providing access to higher education and the convenience of anywhere, anytime learning.