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Motivational hands all in
May 7 2018
So, you’re considering a career as a public speaker. But why should what you have to say matter than anyone else on a particular subject?
NCU MBA student
May 3 2018
An MBA degree, whether taken in the traditional classroom setting or online, is a significant time and money investment and, therefore, must be thoroughly considered before you take the plunge. But why should you get an MBA degree, in the first place? The reasons are numerous, but most students pursue an MBA to better their career options.
NCU professor Dr. Brenda Boyd
May 1 2018
Dr. Brenda Boyd, NCU professor in the School of Business, always loved to learn.
NCU Career choices
Apr 30 2018
Since the Great Recession of 2008, the demand for job skills have changed with a greater focus on analytical and technical skills.
NCU logo
Apr 27 2018
Dr. Douglas A. Brown, a 2017 Doctor of Business Administration graduate with an emphasis in Homeland Security Leadership and Policy, teaches emergency management and homeland security courses at Annamaria College Online.