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book, data science, technology
Feb 4 2019
According to the Economist, data has replaced oil as the “world’s most valuable resource.” And like oil, to unlock the true value of data, it has to be mined. This is where data science comes in.
data science, technology, marketing, digital marketing
Jan 30 2019
Data science has become a common tool to drive effective decision-making in all areas of an organization.
training, education, careers
Jan 28 2019
As we enter 2019, August 2018 graduates at NCU are at least five months past the completion of their program. Soon enough, they'll be pursuing new career paths in their desired fields, and in order to find gainful employment, there are several resources they can take advantage of to make the process easier. 
professor, law enforcement, criminal justice
Jan 23 2019
During Law Enforcement Appreciation month, NCU wants to take a moment to recognize law enforcement officials who have dedicated their lives to upholding law and order throughout their communities.
healthcare, health sciences
Jan 18 2019
NCU is proud to announce that our School of Health Sciences Dean recently became a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), the nation’s leading professional society for healthcare leaders.