You have goals -- NCU and ABWA can help you achieve them

Mary Lynn Konig

Last fall, two outstanding women and American Business Women's Association members received a full-tuition scholarship to Northcentral University. One of them was Mary Lynn Konig, a commercial airline pilot. Mary Lynn shared with us why she wanted to go back to school and how she plans to change the world armed with her higher education.

“I have been an airline pilot with United Airlines for 23 years, and in that time the number of women pilots has barely changed. Five percent of airline pilots were women back in 1998 – when I joined the airline – and today the number is 6%. Although United has a slightly larger percentage at 7%, it is still not in line with other professional careers. 

I would like to research the barriers to entry that women face and the reasons women leave the industry. This will be the basis for my thesis. Armed with this data, I hope to raise awareness in the industry and to affect change. I am well aware that I won't be able to do this on my own. That is why I wanted to go back to school. 

Receiving the NCU/ABWA Scholarship is an honor. It reaffirms to me that ABWA believes in me and supports me, and supports women in general.”

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