Why Wait For Fall? Start Your Online Master’s or Doctorate Degree Program Now.

Summer is traditionally a time for vacations. It’s also a great time to consider pursuing your online master’s or online doctorate degree program.

Perhaps you’ve recently completed your degree, or have been considering earning a higher degree. Did you know that you don’t have to wait until the fall to begin your higher degree?

At Northcentral University (NCU), you can begin your online master’s or online PhD degree program every Monday, 52 weeks a year. With no GRE or GMAT tests required, you can start your program when you’re ready.

There are advantages to beginning your online master’s or online doctorate degree during the summer. Instead of waiting for the fall, you can start your online master’s degree, for example, in the summer months, and get a jumpstart on your goal. By completing courses in the summer, you’ll be just that much closer to earning your degree.

Online classes also offer great flexibility. At NCU, there are no group projects or class times, which means you can study on your schedule. With a one-to-one learning model, students learn from an experienced doctoral professor in each course and can benefit from their knowledge in the field.

Pursuing your online master’s or online PhD program in the summer shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying a summer vacation with your family. Having a good internet connection means that you can still study and complete assignments, no matter if you’re in Los Angeles, London or Tahiti. Online master’s or online doctorate students may set their study time in the morning before the family is up, or later in the evenings, so they are free to enjoy the day with their family and friends.

So, if you’ve been thinking about pursuing your online master’s or online PhD program, summer might just be a perfect time to take the plunge and start.

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