Why Northcentral University’s MBA is not just another MBA

The ultimate test of your education is what it does for you in the job market. When we talk to our advisory board and the employers of our graduates, they expect anyone with a business degree to have business knowledge – something you can get through any business program. What employers emphasize in a new hire with an MBA is someone who can communicate in today’s environment, understand the breadth of the business and industry, help the company move into new markets and expand on current markets; and finally, deliver intelligent, research-based business solutions. 

With an MBA from NCU, you will get fundamental, foundational business knowledge, but it doesn’t stop there – the program clearly communicates learning outcomes that align with those needs expressly asked for by employers.

Our MBA courses are designed to develop those outcomes as students move through their program.  NCU MBA students will learn how to use research to identify issues, answer questions, and develop ethically-guided solutions. Our MBA has been designed to work effectively using online communications in preparation for work-from-home, distance-distributed workplaces. Students will acquire tools and skills that allow them to analyze the workplace and business environment, including the global business environment.

The MBA is a focused, ten-course program that will provide you the skills to be successful in meeting the needs of today’s employers! Explore NCU’s ACBSP-accredited MBA.

Dr. Richard C. Thompson, PhD

Professor, NCU School of Business & MBA Lead Faculty