Why I Teach - Maggie Broderick, PhD, Associate Professor – Curriculum and Assessment, School of Education

Maggie Broderick photo

I teach because it is endlessly inspiring to guide students along their path of lifelong learning. The students in NCU’s School of Education have chosen to study at NCU not only because they are called to learn and grow as individuals, but also because they want to inspire learning and growth in their own students.

I wake up every morning and think about my doctoral students and how each one of them is moving individually along their unique path of the dissertation process. While they all must reach similar levels of academic and scholarly attainment, each one of them faces a unique journey and will make a unique contribution with their work.

It inspires and energizes me to see my students succeed. Hearing the excitement in a student’s voice over the phone or in a Zoom meeting about a “Eureka!” moment that they had while doing their research is always exciting and joyful. Reading their emails and texts about how they have just discovered some new piece of knowledge or have finally mastered something that was once difficult for them is truly priceless.

The dissertation process isn’t meant to be easy, and doctoral students are constantly working through new challenges each step of the way. I remember facing those same obstacles during my own dissertation journey, so I feel honored to be the one who is nurturing the students during the many ups and downs of the process.

NCU serves diverse students from all over the country and the globe. I love imagining how our students will take what they have learned and apply it wherever they may be in our diverse, 21st-century world. How will they share their knowledge and passion for lifelong learning and inquiry with their own students? How will what they learn at NCU benefit countless others, whom my students will reach via their own teaching? It is truly awesome to consider.

NCU encourages me to work collaboratively with other faculty members and staff who share that same goal of guiding our students toward ongoing inquiry and reflective practice, both as students and as educators themselves. I truly feel that what we do inspires positive echoes everywhere our students work, teach and live.