Why I Teach: To Help Others

Paul Markham image

The reason I teach in general, and why specifically at NCU, is multi-factorial. After decades in the global corporate business arena, I decided to write a doctorate on iatrogenic death, or medical death by errors. We lose a minimum of 250,000 lives each year because of medical error – it’s the third-largest cause of death in the United States according to a Johns Hopkins study. This is an almost unknown statistic.

After being one of the most difficult and opinionated students, questioning everything, and with little supervisor faculty support, I received a doctorate. My dissertation was related to how leadership style could impact technology adoption, thereby dramatically reducing the death rate. The discrete finding saved lives, so this work is important.

After my own experience, I felt compelled to help other passionate individuals navigate the dissertation journey, and NCU’s cutting-edge, one-to-one format was the perfect fit!

Dr Paul A. Markham, MBA
Professor, School of Business