Why I Teach: Because I Was Meant to Change Lives

David Reedy photo

Why did I become a teacher, and continue to do it now?

Well… Way back in 3rd grade it came through our talents’ inventory in Sunday School that I was designated to be a teacher. It was always there, so in high school, when a decision was to be made for either math or music, the dilemma began. Hey, I’m more talented music-wise, and knew I’d get into college, so music ed it was, and my math analysis teacher just cried.

Fast forward over five decades, and I found NCU, having completed years in the classroom and another decade in college admin while completing the PhD. My degree is in adult education leadership, so I’m able to use the degree, reach out and support students, and help them all reach the goals they have set.

Over the years, students have shared with me the many times I have impacted their lives. Encountering them while shopping in the mall, several invited me to weddings and other family events, graduations, and so on. Subsequently, NCU graduation was a fun point where I got to “hood” a student I had been a subject matter expert for. Being part-time I was able to connect with many full-time folks, too, during the convocation and ceremony.

Recently a student midway through the PhD in higher ed leadership completed the course survey and shared, “Thank you for making my learning experience with this course so memorable. I am learning a lot by reading all your comments and feedback, and the little-but-important-and-useful details that sometimes are ignored by many professors. I am very thankful for your thoroughness!”

Another sent a personal email as he finishes his Master of Education: “As always, you've been stellar....and I cannot thank you enough for all of your support. For those instructors who truly had an impact on my life and education, the list is short. Three in fact. Thank you...for being one of the three...”

While these are great words seldom shared by students, I do it for all of them who are true scholars and want to become the best they can be, helping others as they do. My goal is and has always been to ensure those I work with and support feel open to ask any questions and reach out when needed. Having completed my own degree online, I recognize the importance of open and regular communication. At NCU, I can be the person I want, teach from Ohio and Florida as a snowbird, and ensure student educators impact their own students for the better.

- David Reedy
Distinguished Core Part-time Faculty, School of Education