Why I Teach: Because I love to Learn

Amy Lyn photo

I teach because I am passionate about learning. I can see things from a new perspective through the eyes of my students. Teaching stretches my thinking. I believe approaching teaching as a learner helps me support my students. I bring my knowledge and experience with me as I stand for a moment in their shoes when I’m reviewing their work. From this vantage point I reflect on what else might they benefit from thinking about or learning next.

I like to think of myself as the lead learner when I am teaching. I want to model openness to new ideas. Beyond the subject matter, I want to convey to students at NCU that they are inspiring and that their ideas matter. I want to share my joy of learning. We all derive our energy from different aspects of life. I get my energy from learning and encouraging others to learn.

I did not start out this way. I never imagined myself pursuing a college degree, let alone my PhD. I struggled throughout my K-12 years. My high school guidance counselor said to me, “Amy, you’re not what we call ‘college material.’” At first, I believed her. Gradually I found my way to college and was immediately enthralled. I discovered that I am a learner

As a first-generation college graduate, I recognize what it is like to navigate higher education without a road map. NCU’s commitment to students is unparalleled. The advisors are incredibly supportive. They are right there, ready to reach out and help students when life throws a curve ball.

Attending the 2019 Faculty Symposium, witnessing graduation assured me I am right where I want to be. The NCU values, innovation, diversity, excellence and accountability are apparent in everything I have encountered here. I am deeply appreciative of the leaders in the School of Education, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from and with the students, faculty and staff at this innovative and engaging university.


Amy E. Lyn, PhD

Director of Virtual Education Support Center

Assistant Professor, School of Education