Why I Teach – Connecting with Students Around the World

Beverly Little photo

I have been teaching at Northcentral University since 2008, and I love my job! My #1 reason for teaching with Northcentral University for the previous 12 years is professional satisfaction. Teaching online provides the opportunity to teach students from multiple time zones across the world without having to travel. There’s no time wastage, and with asynchronous learning, teachers and students can work from home with flexible schedules.

Teaching online gives opportunities to connect with students in diverse geographical locations with different backgrounds and cultures. Teaching a broader student population not only enhances the students’ learning experiences, but also my own experiences as an instructor.

I have always felt teaching at Northcentral University took my teaching from a local level to an international level. It is for this reason that I feel I am having a broader impact on educators and making a difference in today’s education industry. Time and location flexibility, more diverse teaching opportunities, and international impact all contribute to my own professional satisfaction and the reasons why NCU is an excellent university of choice for both students and instructors.

Beverly Little, Professor, School of Education