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Which Technology and Innovation Management Degree Is Right for You?

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When the power of technology is fully harnessed, the effects for an organization are significant:

  • Improved productivity, enhanced innovation and operational efficiency
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Stronger customer acquisition and retention programs
  • New business opportunities
  • A distinct competitive edge

However, making technology work for organizations is easier said than done, given customers’ changing preferences and technology’s highly dynamic nature, particularly in cyber security, data mining, engineering, and cloud computing. Companies are in need of business leaders with the technological innovation expertise to help propel their organizations forward.

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Technology Management vs. Innovation Management

Technology management encompasses the strategic development, deployment and management of technology assets to improve the efficiency and profitability of a business. Aside from implementing and maintaining hardware, software, and data systems, technology managers are also responsible for developing solutions for various technological issues within their organizations.

Innovation management, on the other hand, includes the discovery and development of new technologies, processes and practices that help drive success in changing markets. The global marketplace is in need of qualified leaders who understand this type of approach to help them sustain or grow a business.

NCU’s Technology and Innovation Management Degrees

Northcentral University offers two graduate degree programs in Technology and Innovation Management:

Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management

NCU’s MS-TIM is a completely online degree program geared toward professionals in various sectors who seek to foster positive change in their organizations through technological innovation. It introduces students to new technologies, new ideas, and new approaches to solving organizational problems. The program culminates with a strategy course that allows students to apply what they’ve learned.

Six professionally relevant specializations are available:

Possible career paths for graduates of this program include:

  • Business information manager
  • Technical team lead
  • Information systems manager
  • IT analyst/project manager
  • Innovation project leader
  • Postsecondary lecturer
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    Doctor of Philosophy in Technology and Innovation Management

    NCU’s PhD-TIM equips today’s leaders and professionals with the enterprise necessary to champion new technologies and promote positive change in organizations, both public and private. The program’s focus on practical application enables students to practice what they learn in real-world scenarios before they complete their degree.

    Six professionally relevant specializations are available.

    Possible career paths for PhD-TIM graduates include:

    • Chief innovation officer
    • Executive and Senior Vice President, Information Systems
    • Executive management consultant for technology and innovation
    • Digital strategy and innovation manager
    • Technology research and development manager
    • International IT research project team leader

    If you have more questions on NCU’s technology and innovation management degrees, please call us at 866-776-0331. You may also request for information using our online form below.