What the heck is a Cyber Farmer, and how do you sow cyber seeds?

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What the heck is a Cyber Farmer, and how do you sow cyber seeds?

A Cyber Farmer is a cyber Practioner who promotes the growth of a healthy cyberDNA ecosystem.  #cyberDNA is not a vaccine or wonder drug.  #cyberDNA is an evocative human-centric, human-centered, designed security system crafted and finely honed on a solid and well-nurtured foundation of people, process, and technology.   Cultivating your people, process, and technology will be a reoccurring theme in this series, and I hope you enjoy the analogy.  If you do, you can, like me, sit back and watch your cyber seeds grow.

A Cyber Farmer’s job is to sow the seeds of cyber-hygiene.  We sow the seeds of #cyberhygiene by promoting good cyber handwashing.  Much like washing your hands after using the bathroom, before cooking, and after shaking everyone’s hand, you need to protect yourself from today and tomorrow’s virus.  Cyber Farmers tend to their crops (data) using the latest technologies, yet some of the most basic, fundamental, and simplistic approaches to implementing and practicing sound security practices. 

Much like any other farmer, I am frugal with my funds, and if I can fix it myself at a good ROI, I will.  However, if it’s not worth my time, or I can hire someone to get a better return, I will.  Let face it, there is never enough time or funding.  We only have a limited amount of time on this planet as well as a limited budget to protect ourselves, our organizations, and our families from the bad actors and the risks we are currently aware of, and this doesn’t include what we don’t know.   Much like the farmer, we must have intimate knowledge of our land and our landscape.  We must know the nutrients the ground (the team) has and as well as its deficiencies.  Knowing the ground (people) truth is vital in security.  If you don’t know what is real, what is fact over what is fiction, you don’t stand a chance in harvesting a bountiful crop.  This is why I am a digital forensic SME and expert witness.  I love growing bountiful crops, and I can, because I use the right tools, skillsets, and experience to factually determine what is real and what is not.

To be a Cyber Farmer, you need to understand the bad actors circling above, on the ground, and from below, looking to steal your seeds.  As a Cyber Farmer, you will be able to protect and defend your ground, your crops, and your seeds.  Together, as Cyber Farmers, we protect our crops (data) by spreading the word, security starts and ends with you!  

Cyber Farmers cultivate people, processes, and technologies with fertile ground people and organizations use to protect themselves from harmful environments.  Unfortunately, we Cyber Farmers know there is a lot to practicing good cyber hygiene, and it starts by practicing good personal and physical security.  Above all, good cyber, like any other form of hygiene, is practiced at the individual level. 

I build and deploy a system touted to give five or six 9’s of availability.  Some vendors/marketers may even say they will provide you with 100% availability, which by default must mean 100% security.  If you ever come in contact with someone or an organization promising 100% availability or security, run the other way!  Why?  Because there is no such thing as 100% security!  If an adversary wants in, they will get in.  All it takes is one, one to get in, and they will keep coming back in.  Most likely, with friends.  We need to remember security is a practice, and it is only as strong as the weakest link.  And frankly, my friends, you are the weakest link.

This is why I am sowing the seeds of cyber-hygiene.  This is the reason for this blog post series, sowing the seeds of cyber-hygiene.  To help you understand how and why you need to up your cybersecurity game.  It’s time for you to get your vaccinations.  It’s time for you to take ownership of your digital world and life.  It’s time you understand where your data is.  It’s time for you to start scrubbing your digital self.  It’s time for you to grow as an individual and protect yourself, your family, those you love and admire, your team, your organization, and all of the people you come in contact.  It is time for you to start practicing good cyber-hygiene.

How do you do that?  Stay Tuned!  Every week, I will share a post to help you up your #cyberfarming and #cyberhygiene skills - making you a stronger player and contributor in this ever-connecting world.


Stay well ya’ll,

 Max Justice

The Cyber Farmer