What can you do with a Master’s in Health Administration?

NCU Master’s in Health Administration

It is a given that health care is a need that is shared by everyone, regardless of age, status or background. Many agree that it is a human right. Meeting these needs requires close coordination among health professionals of all disciplines, including educated administrators trained to unify and streamline the process. For those who want to work behind the scenes to improve the system and enhance patient outcomes, the right education is critical.

What is a Master’s in Health Administration Degree?

If you are interested in working as a health professional for a health care facility or as a health care administrator, you should strongly consider NCU’s Master’s degree in Health Administration, or MHA. An MHA program helps to prepare you into a strong leader who will be able to respond effectively to the rapidly evolving health care field. Your graduate degree program will help you become a strong leader with the values, knowledge and skills to appropriately manage the highest quality delivery of health care.

The Best Jobs in Health Care

Many medical and health service managers move into higher paying positions with more responsibility as they develop more skills and earn their MHA. With an advanced degree, graduates can work in health administration, planning, directing, and coordinating medical and health care services. They could manage a care facility, a specific clinical area or department, or manage a medical practice of medical professionals. Professionals with an MHA are employed in many situations, from hospitals, clinics, ambulatory health care services, senior community care facilities, to home health care services, dental offices, nursing homes, federal government health care facilities, and health care consulting firms.

Professionals who work in medical and health service management should see their employment prospects grow by 20% from 2016 to 2026. This is much faster than average when compared with other occupations. Baby boomers are getting older and staying more active for longer periods than previous retirees. This is causing a major increase in the numbers of patients, doctors and procedures, and also the number of health care facilities which need qualified staffing.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and health services managers earned a median annual salary of $96,540 in May 2016. As the baby-boom population ages they will remain active later in life, therefore an increased demand for healthcare services is expected.

The Benefits of Northcentral University’s Master of Health Administration Degree

Our Master of Health Administration degree program prepares individuals for early and mid-career health care leadership roles both nationally and internationally by integrating essential leadership and management competencies with interprofessional practices, enabling our graduates to make evidenced-based decisions that will effect change in complex and diverse health care organizations. It is aligned with the standards of the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) and utilizes the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) competency model. It is most ideally suited for those who want to focus their management career within the health care industry.

Dr. Laurie Shanderson is the Founding Dean of Northcentral University’s new School of Health Sciences.

She states, “The School of Health Sciences at NCU is unique because not only are we online, but we use the one-to-one model under the framework of interprofessional education. IPE is really one of the metrics that most Health Professions use nowadays to make sure the students have the competencies to be able to work together in the health profession. So to have that as the umbrella of what we do in in our School of Health Sciences, it just makes us unique and amazing and it makes us focus on what we do as health care practitioners and educators; it just makes us much more cohesive. It ensures that we understand what we're doing; we understand teamwork and collaboration and how by doing these collaborative efforts we can get patients to better outcomes. We make the system more efficient. I'm really happy about that because I can build a school with this framework in mind. Many other people are trying to infuse different things in their programs but we get to be NCU School of Health Sciences that focuses on IPE. I’m really proud of that.”

As a student, you will explore crucial topics such as organizational behavior in health care, quantitative analysis and statistical concepts, and leadership skills. You will also learn about health care policies and financial management in the health care setting. Additionally, this innovative program will allow you to learn in an interprofessional environment designed to facilitate teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration. This is considered the leading approach to health care today!

The Master of Health Administration program is a participant in the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Higher Education Network and received Associate Graduate Program status by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).

At Northcentral University, you can complete your Master of Health Administration program 100% online. This allows you to continue your education without putting your career on hold. We also have helpful online resources and weekly start dates to offer you the flexibility you deserve. While you may be attending class online, you’re never alone at NCU. Our unique one-to-one learning model and active online communities offer you the support you need to succeed.

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