Valentine’s Day Ideas for Busy Students


Would you be surprised to know that Valentine’s Day has mysterious beginnings? Not only were there two martyrs named Valentine to which the holiday might be attributed, there was an existing ancient roman holiday named Galatin’s Day, which was a fertility celebration.

Over time, it’s suspected that this celebration got meshed with St. Valentine’s Day leading to the holiday we celebrate today.

Of course, in modern times, Valentine’s Day is more about roses, chocolates and romantic cards than anything else. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, consumers will spend nearly $19.6 billion this Valentine’s Day alone!

While Valentine’s Day can seem like one more thing to do for busy students, it can also be a great opportunity to relax and reward yourself. Here are a few ways you can make the most of this holiday, no matter how busy you may be:

  • Take the day! It’s okay to simply take the day off and relax. Stepping away from your responsibilities for a single day can actually help invigorate you when you get back to work. So plan a nice day and enjoy yourself.

  • Reward your hard work. Going to school is difficult. Fitting education into your life as a working adult is even harder. Acknowledge your sacrifice by treating yourself to a small reward. This can be anything you like, from a box of chocolates and a nice meal to a night at the theatre.

  • Share your stressors. Celebrating any holiday can be stressful if you’re buried under a mountain of work and deadlines. Let those around you know that you want to enjoy the day but you’re feeling overwhelmed. This is a great way to reduce the pressure you may feel to plan an elaborate Valentine’s Day outing.

  • Plan a budget celebration. Making your Valentine’s Day more affordable will also make it more relaxing if you’re a student living on a budget. Communicate your thrifty plans to those you love and enjoy a night of pizza and movies at home or shop around for local student discounts.

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