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Unique Career Paths for Education Students

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It may seem surprising, but not every education based career leads to the classroom. In fact, there are plenty of things you can do with an education-related degree that lead to a career outside of the traditional classroom setting.

If you love the field of education, but aren’t interested in working in the typical school environment, these alternative career ideas might be right for you.

Text book writing and editing:  You can take your specialized knowledge and passion for sharing information in a unique direction by contributing to textbook creation. You could write books independently or work for an established publisher that develops textbooks and other learning materials. This might include being a contributing author, fact checker, consulting subject matter expert or editor. If you love education and writing, this might be a great route for you.

Textbook sales: If you like the idea of combining your passion for education with the excitement of sales, you might enjoy a career as an educational sales representative.  Education publishers often develop other types of learning materials as well, so it’s more dynamic than just selling textbooks. As an education sales rep you’d work to connect publishers to the organizations that need them, from early education through the post-secondary level.

Education policy advocate: Education is a hot topic at the federal and state level. Those interested in education, policy creation and advocacy can work in either the private sector or with the government. If you’re passionate about joining the conversation and helping shape the future of education, this career path might be a fit.

Curriculum development: There are many ways to impact education, including helping develop and create curriculum for the classroom. This is especially suited to those with specialized knowledge in a particular subject area. Curriculum development is utilized at all levels of learning, including training programs outside the traditional education system like professional training and development.

Corporate trainer: For those that love teaching, but desire a more corporate career, corporate training might be the answer. This is also well suited for those that would prefer teaching adults and covering more diverse topics than you might in a traditional school setting. This type of work might also include developing and implementing training programs for new employees, continuing education programs or enrichment programs. Working in this field might include working directly for a company or consultancy based work.

Online teacher: While this is still a teaching job, your classroom is virtual. This gives you far more flexibility than a traditional job leading a classroom. Online teaching can be done at many levels, from elementary through post-secondary, making it a great option for passionate educators that crave a bit more freedom.

As you can see, working within the field of education doesn’t have to lead to the classroom. You can use your education to forge an interesting career path that matches your interests and goals.

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