Trends in International Business

Trends in International Business
Dr. Patricia Polastri, Dissertation Chair in NCU’s School of Business and Technology Management weighs in on the trends in international business that companies considering the international marketplace should be aware of.

“In my opinion, students who want to work internationally must have political savvy, cultural awareness and speak more than one language,” said Dr. Polastri

Graduates with a specialization in international business from NCU’s School of Business and Technology Management are prepared to embrace the trends in international business. The School has a strong diversity component built into its curriculum, and a doctoral faculty who weave current international business trends into their curriculum.

According to Dr. Polastri, today’s international business graduates must have a global view, but an increasing emphasis on integrating a local focus into a broader strategy. “I think there is greater interest in making products close to the source of consumption and no longer having them outsourced to foreign countries.”

Polastri sees the reevaluation of trade agreements as one of the trends that could affect international business. For this reason, students seeking to work in international business will need to be flexible, and ready to pivot and adapt to a rapidly changing economic environment.

Polastri also predicts the environment will start another big trend in international business. “I think green products will take precedence in the near future,” she said, and suggests students pay particular attention to that issue.

Recent international legislation and proposals, like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, have made environmental issues a strong trend in international business. Working internationally means you must be aware of regulations specific to each country and the public perception of businesses that value sustainability.

For students who are keen to work globally, there are actions they can take while still in school. “Students should consider attaining international exposure through traveling to learn about other cultures, be interested in trending global issues and employ long-term vision over quick fixes,” said Polastri.

For those interested in learning more, NCU offers PhD, DBA and MBA programs with a specialization in international business from its School of Business and Technology Management.

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