Taking Your Education on Vacation: The Benefits of Online Learning

Take Your Education on Vacation with NCU

Ah, summer! For many, it means sun, relaxation and vacation. Adult students who are pursuing a higher degree, however, may be concerned that taking a summer vacation could delay graduation. The benefit of online learning is that you can take your studies on the road.

One benefit to taking your courses online is that you can study in Phoenix just as easily as you can in Paris. At Northcentral University, for example, where there are no set class times or group assignments, you can keep up with your studies while still enjoying summer vacation with the family.

While you have the benefits of online learning, you do need to plan your trip and your time knowing that you will be a student as well as a traveler.

To help you get the most benefits of online learning on the go, here are five tips to get you started.

Internet Connections: Since your studies are online, having a strong internet connection is imperative during your vacation. First, you need to select a destination where internet access isn’t a problem. Make sure Wi-Fi is available before you book your trip.

Once you select a location with solid connectivity, you may want to seek out a hotel or apartment with free Wi-Fi. Today, many hotels include internet in the room charge or resort fee, but there are still some that do not.

Jet Set Laptop: When you’re studying on the road, you will need a laptop, and preferably one that is extremely thin and lightweight for packing. Some may also consider a tablet; however not having a physical keyboard may be a challenge.

Study Space: Another benefit of online learning is study space flexibility. Finding a conducive place to study is important on vacation. Does the hotel room have a desk, or even better, a separate living space apart from the bedroom? Having extra space for the family to be in one area, and you to be in another when you’re in student mode, is helpful. Another good option is to find a local coffee shop and spend a few hours studying there.

Making Time: Probably the most difficult thing about studying on the road is carving out the time to do it. When you’re in a new and exciting place to discover, the last thing you may want to do is spend several hours reading about economic theory. A benefit of online learning, though, is that you can set time each day to study on your schedule. Early morning often works well because you can get your studying done before the family gets going, and then have the entire day and night to enjoy your trip.

Have Fun! At the end of the day, you’re going on vacation to have fun. Finding a happy medium between studying and relaxing is important. Thanks to the benefits of online learning and flexible programs such as those available at NCU, you can take your studies on the go without sacrificing your summer vacation.

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