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Take 5: A Moment with NCU Alumni, Cindy Greenman, PhD, CFE

alumni, NCU

Dr. Cindy Greenman, earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration with a specialization in Advanced Accounting in 2012. Today,she is an associate professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) where she started and is the Chair of the Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination program. She has been a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and have been a Certified Fraud Examiner since 2011. This year, the ACFE has selected her as their Educator of the Year.

Dr. Greenman shares why she decided to go back to school, what attracted her to NCU, and advice for prospective students.

Why did you decide to go back to school?

I started teaching evening classes at the local community college and fell in love with teaching. I knew if I wanted to make the leap from industry to academia, I would need the PhD.

What drew you to NCU?

The flexibility of the classes and the fact I could continue working full-time to support my family. It fit my schedule.

How did your family or friends support you during your educational journey?

My husband has always been my biggest supporter. When I was locked away in the basement office doing homework and/or writing papers, he took care of the kids, the laundry, housework, etc. He was the one who encouraged me to keep going whenever I was discouraged. 

Now both of my children are college graduates. My daughter recently started her master’s degree and plans to continue on for her PhD!

What advice do you have for prospective students interested in enrolling at NCU?

I am now the head of the accounting program at my university and I have been searching for accounting professors. There just are not enough of us! I would encourage those who have a passion for teaching to follow their dream, push through and get that degree. It truly is worth it in the end.

What are some of the most difficult challenges you have faced as a student?

Being a full-time accountant (60-80 hours per week), teaching part-time, being a full time wife and mom and still finding time to do my school work was TOUGH! I was exhausted for three years! I could not have overcome this without my family.

I also had several chairs that left in the middle of my dissertation, which made things frustrating and challenging with different viewpoints coming into play. However, once my last chair took over, things went very quickly and I completed my dissertation and defended it just a few months later.