Staying Organized in a Digital World

Clean Your Virtual Desktop

Did you know that the typical American spends about one hour every day looking for things? If you haven't already started doing the math in your head, that's seven hours per week, or a total of 15 days each year! Right about now you should be thinking about just how valuable your time is and wondering what you might do with an extra 15 days per year!

If you're smart, you'll start by taking a little time to organize your life, making sure every little thing – from physical possessions such as your keys and sunglasses, to reminders for appointments, bills and even birthdays and anniversaries – has a home where it lives all the time. If it doesn’t have a home, now is the time to find it a new one!

Benefits of Getting Organized

Finding What You Want When You Need It

When was the last time you spent 20 minutes looking for your keys before you could leave for the grocery store? Or, how about 30 minutes scouring the sent items in your Outlook for the document you need to reference in your next meeting?

This may seem like a routine you just can't break, but working to make sure you're organized can end up saving you huge amounts of time and stress. Just think – you'll make it to the grocery store before the last cart is taken! You may even arrive to your meeting to find you're the only one with the proper document printed and ready to go. And as a bonus, you're less stressed and better prepared for the task at hand.

Executives waste six weeks per year searching for lost documents..” —Fast Company Magazine

Staying Connected With Your Family and Community

How many times have you forgotten your best friend's birthday? Okay, bad example – how about your great uncle Joe's birthday? We're betting Emily Post wouldn't be pleased with your answer! Making the effort to organize your life can not only make your day-to-day a little less hectic, it can help bring a little more joy to others' as well.

By organizing your calendar and making sure you're up to date on birthdays, anniversaries and social events, you'll be less likely to forget the important stuff. And the important stuff is what's worth our valuable time, right?

Money in Your Pocket

Now let's talk about something we can all relate to – dollars and cents. Have you ever replaced a pair of headphones because you couldn't find them? How about a pair of sunglasses or even a cell phone? You can avoid these unnecessary expenses just by making the adjustment to help yourself find what you need when you need it.

By organizing your virtual and physical life, you'll find you have a less cluttered home, workspace and even mind. What exactly does that mean? Your bills and appointment reminders won't be scattered on your counter, so those sunglasses you thought you lost last week won't be buried under a pile of things you forgot about!

Getting Started

Interested in a little self-improvement? The first step is to organize your life – every piece of it – and in a digital world, there are endless options for organization out there. Here are a few suggestions that you can carry with you – IF you don't lose your cell phone or tablet along the way!

Apps to help you stay organized

Ever wish you could store articles you find across social media, email and the web? This app will help you do just that and more! It has the ability to categorize and make notes so that you can find them later when you need them. There are also a number of other ways to stay organized with this app such as, audio notes and even capturing images. This app is great for research projects as well. Try Evernote out by saving this article.

This app allows you to store multiple types of files from spreadsheets to photos to videos. The best part of this app is that once they are in Dropbox they are accessible from any device and can be shared with multiple users.

Awesome Note
This app syncs with Google docs and Evernote (listed above) and tracks thoughts, ideas, calendars and also makes to-do lists.

This is a time tracking app that allows you to set and track time limits for each task you do during the day. Great to help you find out how long tasks take, where you are wasting the most time and to look back and see where your day has gone.

ToDo Together
This app allows you to form groups with your friends, family and coworkers to share task lists and work as an effective team.

This is a condensed list of our favorite apps.




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