Should I Go Back to School?


Going back to school is a great way to reach your goals and dream career. But deciding what kind of educational path to take can be a difficult decision.

One of the biggest questions to ask is, “Will my education benefit me?” No one wants to spend time working on a degree without a plan. Determining why you want to get an education is essential before you take the leap and enroll in a program.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you determine if you should go back to school.

1.     What do I want to do?
Have you always wanted to be a lawyer? A marriage and family therapist? A teacher? Consider where you see yourself in five years, and align your dream career with a degree that will help you reach your goal.

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree could get you where you want to be, or a bachelor’s might be just your starting point. Does you dream career require a master’s degree or a doctorate? Do you need specific coursework? Consider everything as you begin planning.

2.     How do I want to get my degree?
Once you decide what type of career you want, you must determine how you would like to study. This could include going to school either full-time or part-time, going to classes on a traditional college campus, studying online, or a hybrid program. Not every program will offer online courses, but determining how you would like to learn will help you find the most appropriate program for you.

3.     Do I have the time and energy to go back to school?
Getting a degree not only takes commitment, it also takes quite a bit of time and energy. As you look for a degree program, consider how much time you have available to travel to a physical campus, study for exams, complete assignments, and do required research or internships.