Quicken Loans Trains Employees on Emergency Preparedness

Vickie Fountain

By Vickie Fountain, NCU student,DBA-Organizational Leadership

As part of our Ghost Program blog series, Vickie shares what she's learned from her "internship" with Quicken Loans:

I’d like to share some important information I learned during my second "ghost" session at Rock Ventures. The topic was emergency preparedness, and it included different training protocols that are currently in place at the company. In light of recent news events, I think it's vital that we talk about workplace violence.

As a law enforcement officer, I am always cognizant of just how dangerous our world can be. Officers expect to face dangerous situations at work on a daily basis, but regular citizens don’t. Therefore, it is extremely important to recognize the value of preparation and training for active threat events.I recently attended some active threat training in my “real life” job and was pleasantly surprised to learn of the safety and precautionary procedures in place at Rock Ventures.


The most effective method of dealing with potentially threatening situations is to avoid them, or stop them, from developing at all. The first step is simply to be aware of your surroundings. Learn who belongs in the area, and if someone new arrives, observe their behavior and pay attention. Look for changes in normal behavior and appearance. For example: Has there been a noticeable decrease in personal hygiene? Are they having mood swings or displaying symptoms of paranoia? Again, listen to that sense that tells you something is wrong, and report what you see to security or a supervisor.

Planning and Action

Despite all of the preventative methods, vigilance and training we utilize, we cannot prevent all active threat situations. So what do you do if you encounter a threat in the workplace?

First, if it is safe to do so: Run. Don’t stand in place and become a target if you can safely get away. Second, if it is not safe to run: Hide. Get out of sight and hide in the best place you can find quickly and safely. Finally, if you cannot run or hide: FIGHT! The truth is that if you are in the path of someone intent on harming people, you are at risk. Fight to stay alive.

Rock Ventures provides employees with the opportunity to receive self-defense and personal protection training that could be invaluable if action becomes necessary.

Training and Emergency Coordinators

Rock Ventures has trained employees (not just security) on the importance of emergency first aid including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and routine first aid. The training also includes practical uses of tourniquets to stop or slow bleeding and more. Police and emergency medical teams may not be able to get to the injured for hours, and delayed treatment can cost lives. In an active threat situation, everyone is a first responder, and if you can safely do so, you should be prepared to provide first aid to the injured.

Rock Ventures has trained emergency floor coordinators to lead first responders to scenes of disaster once the threat has passed. Floor coordinators can be utilized by first responders to save precious time and lives.

I know the information provided in this blog may seem serious, but unfortunately, it is necessary to be aware of the dangers we may face in the workplace. The company has provided a blueprint for preparation and training, and while we hope that you’ll never need this knowledge, it’s important to be prepared.