NCU Student Receives Community Reward

Sandra Dees testimonial

Sandra Dees, a current NCU student pursuing her Doctor of Education with a specialization in Leadership in Higher Education is the recipient of the Winton Woods Community Award, which recognizes a team member who is dedicated to the success of their school district.

As an Academic Coach, Sandra was instrumental in helping to pass a school levy to build new schools for the Cincinnati State Technical & Community College district. Based on her televised appeal, the levy was passed with over 700 votes.

In her role, she assists students in graduating and also transferring to four-year universities to continue their education. Understanding the opportunities that education provides, she was drawn to NCU because of the programs and the assistance from staff and faculty.

Learn more about Sandra’s advice for prospective students, her best lesson learned, and how her friends and family have supported her through her educational journey.

What advice do you have for prospective students interested in enrolling in your same program at NCU?

My advice to prospective students is to start with the end in mind. Be patient, be vigilant and realize victory is sweet and rewarding!  It does require a great deal of discipline and sacrifice, so surround yourself with people with similar dreams and aspirations!  Shield your heart and dreams, and you will make it. There will be times when you will not be able to attend events, but enjoy the ones you do make!  Also start saving money for an editor, because you will need one!

What is the best lesson you have learned as an online student at NCU?

I’ve learned to be disciplined and keep the end in mind.  Also, to trust the process and make sure your chair has had many successful students earn EdDs and PhDs.  It takes that experience to help others make it too and not spin their wheels! If you need to take a break...take it...we are allowed three...I used two!! But, I kept working on homework while I was on break, which helped me tremendously!

How did your family or friends support you during your educational journey? Have you inspired any of them to pursue a higher degree?

My husband, eight children, and friends supported me with prayers, encouraging words, preparation of meals, and taking care of the household responsibilities. We have inspired all eight of our children to attend college and most have completed advance degrees. Education matters and was never an option, but a priority for Kerry Jr., Marcus, Katherine, Daniel, Cassandra, Constance, Louise and Darnell.  My husband, Kerry Sr., graduated from Wright State University and one of our daughters is a pharmacist (Dr. Cassandra Dees) and the youngest daughter, Louise was Valedictorian of Winton Woods High School, then went on to earn her Master’s degree and toured London for fashion design by age 24. Three of our children have attended The Ohio State University, with the youngest son, Darnell, graduating December 17, 2017 from the Fischer School of Business.  The others graduated from the University of Cincinnati, Wright State University, Xavier University, Bowling Green State University, with others attending Wilberforce and Cincinnati State.  Drs. Osborne and Kimberly Richards played a major role in making sure the family was well taken care of in many ways!  That support was life changing indeed!