NCU student receives Bugbee-Falk Award

Aimee Jauregui photo

Northcentral University’s School of Health Sciences is excited to announce that the Master of Health Administration program was selected by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration, or AUPHA, as one of the 2020-2021 Bugbee-Falk Award recipients. While AUPHA chooses the recipient programs, the student recipient is actually chosen by their program.

It is our extreme pleasure to announce that Aimee Jauregui-Cruz is the lucky MHA student receiving this award! Aimee has been a physical therapist for over 17 years, earned her DPT in 2015, and is currently working full time as a senior physical therapist in one of the biggest semi-private hospitals in the Bronx, in New York City. She has worked for both government and private institutions in New York as well as in her home country, the Philippines. She has been able to observe health care management in both countries and was inspired to pursue higher education in this field to be able to enhance her knowledge and capabilities in leading a team and become an expert in healthcare administration. By earning her MHA, she aims to advance her career by improving her leadership skills, acquiring management competencies, and improving her decision-making skills for better patient outcomes through the use of evidence.

Bugbee-Falk Award

This award, which is named in honor of the distinguished careers and lifetime accomplishments of George Bugbee and Isidore S. Falk to healthcare management education and practice, provides Aimee with an amazing collection of books – 10 to be exact - by respected authors in the field. These books are intended to launch her professional library. Book topics include diversity, equity, and inclusion, innovation, leadership traits, leading change, population health, and reducing healthcare worker burnout.

Once the MHA program received notice that we had been chosen as one of the award recipients, the MHA faculty were asked to submit nominations. Then, at the monthly Health Administration faculty meeting in late September, the nominations were discussed, and the faculty agreed that Aimee would receive the award. It should be noted that Aimee’s name was submitted multiple times by different faculty! Way to go Aimee! You are off to an incredible start in the MHA program and your professional career. You’ve got what it takes!


By Wittney Jones, PhD, MEd

MHA/DHA Program Director

School of Health Sciences