NCU Professors, Graduates and Students Contribute to Publication on Effective Student Communication in an Online Environment

Dr. Melanie Shaw, Professor for the NCU School of Education and Dr. Abigail Scheg, Adjunct Dissertation Chair - Ombuds, Graduate School, have co-edited a new publication, Fostering Effective Student Communication in Online Graduate Courses.

Published by IGI Global, Fostering Effective Student Communication in Online Graduate Courses is a critical reference source for the latest research findings on the techniques and strategies for nurturing communication between students and faculty in a virtual learning environment. This publication features extensive coverage on relevant areas such as collaborative work, academic advising, and student retention, making it an ideal resource for educators across all disciplines and levels, as well as educational administrators.

Co-workers in the NCU ombuds pathway, Dr. Shaw and Dr. Scheg realized that graduate students in online learning environments have different communication challenges and needs than other student populations.

“We wanted to create a collection of scholarly chapters that spoke to the strategies faculty and students are using to maximize effective communication and promote student success,” stated Dr. Shaw. “We are really excited about this book and hope that it will serve as a point of inspiration for faculty and students in online programs.”

Contributors to this publication come from a wide swath of faculty, student and even alums from NCU. These contributors include Prof. Corey Carpenter, Prof. Peter D. Bradley, Prof. Albert J. Gale, Prof. JuliAnna Zimmerman, Prof. Dwayne A. Wirfel, Prof. Randy T. Piper, Prof. Katia Nyysti, Prof. Kelley Walters, Prof. Karen Lee Banks, and Prof. Dara Levitch. 

“For me, it was an opportunity to provide research in how effectively helping students through conflict not only promotes continued student retention but helps improve and foster a positive student experience,” Dr. Corey Carpenter, Ombudsman/ Office of Legal Affairs.

For more information about this publication and to purchase a copy, visit the IGI Global Bookstore.