NCU July Bright Future Scholarship Recipient: Lynnette Jimenez

Lynnette Jimenez

Receiving the July NCU Bright Future Scholarship not only benefits Lynnette Jimenez, who is pursuing a Doctor of Education with a focus on E-Learning , but will also support her efforts to help the underprivileged in El Salvador.

Jimenez, an English teacher at R. B. Chamberlin Middle School in Twinsburg, Ohio, discovered her passion when her husband Rene, a native El Salvadorian, introduced her to the executive director of the El Salvador Missions. After only a few brief discussions, she quickly became aware of their lack of basic educational opportunities for the economically disadvantaged. Based on additional research, she learned that many adults never had the opportunity to receive a high school education; in most cases due to the country being ill-equipped to deal with the needs - academically, emotionally, socially, and physically - of their people.

After annual visits to experience firsthand the country’s educational barriers, her goal is to develop an adult and child literacy program and provide training skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty. Jimenez will focus on the holistic role of the teacher practitioner by learning what students and their teachers need, how to motivate them, and most importantly, how to build a support system to address these issues.

The knowledge and experience gained from my NCU studies will help me formulate innovative solutions that will provide underprivileged and economically disadvantaged children and adults the freedom to create new life-changing opportunities,” says Jimenez.

The scholarship will also change the lives of her 7th grade students.

“Obtaining a doctoral degree will help me evaluate my current role as an educator and create an adaptive, unique learning experience through the use of evidence-based practices,” says Jimenez.

The first person Jimenez called when she learned of the scholarship was the director of El Salvador Missions. 

“I thanked her for being my mentor, friend, and for planting the seed of inspiration for my work,” says Jimenez.

She also contacted her brother, Jonathan, who reminded her how much education meant to their mother, and how proud she would be.

Jimenez’ husband, Rene, is very supportive of her choice to continue her education and their two twin girls offered congratulatory hugs.