NCU Bright Future Scholarship Recipient: Rachel Meier

Rachel Meier

Researching Emotional Intelligence to Enhance the Human Experience

Rachel Meier is a champion of human emotions. As a mental health therapist and Psychology instructor at  Southeast Community College, Meier immerses herself in the beauty and complexity of the human mind, heart and spirit on a daily basis. 

Still, Meier admits to being occasionally surprised by a patient’s response when she asks them, “How did you feel about that?” It’s not the patient’s reply, but the lack of one that puzzles her.

“Years of counseling have shown me that people don’t know or understand their feelings,” she says. To better understand emotional intelligence, Meier enrolled in Northcentral University’s School of Social and Behavioral Science’s Department of Psychology to complete a PhD in Psychology degree.

“I would like to expand upon our current understanding of emotional intelligence, examine why the current culture has such difficulty and disdain for talking about their feelings, and hopefully find some resolution and direction to help those in need,” she says.

Exploring Emotional Intelligence

In addition to better understanding human intelligence through the advanced coursework at NCU, Meier hopes to focus her dissertation on emotional intelligence.

“A doctoral degree in Psychology from NCU would provide me with the appropriate platforms to start this research journey and develop a dissertation to be used in continued emotional intelligence research,” she explains. She says she would also use her PhD to fulfill her dream of teaching in a University setting and to help her complete a research-based book.

Her Journey Will Touch Many

Meier was in between clients at her own practice when she heard the news that she’d won a full tuition, NCU Bright Future Scholarship.

Meier says she froze when she saw the email from Dr. Billings.  “My colleague came to my office to ask a question, and she paused because I had this wild smile on my face,” she continues. “When I told her why I was smiling she shouted, ‘Congratulations! Um, do you want a hug?’”

Meier understands the implications of pursuing her doctoral degree, “This journey isn’t just for me,” she says. “It’s for my family, for those struggling to understand their feelings and for those who want to talk about their emotions, but are too scared.”