NCU Bright Future Scholarship Recipient: Marcia Ublies

Marcia Ublies

“Regardless of what is going on in your life, never give up on your passion,” says Marcia Ublies, one of the June winners of the NCU Bright Future Scholarship. “If you continue to press through the pain, in the end you will be victorious.”

Overwhelmed with so much going on in her life and compounded by a death in the family, Ublies came close to not finishing her scholarship application, but ultimately she persevered.

Ublies recently received her Master in Business Administration from Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Human Resource Management/Training and Development, and was excited about pursuing her passion as a therapist. However, the challenges of funding her tuition made her question whether the timing was right to pursue a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy degree.

Guided by prayer and inspired by her family, Ublies enrolled in NCU’s School of Social and Behavioral Sciences- Department of Marriage and Family Sciences and submitted her scholarship essay. When she opened her email and found out that she’d won, she couldn’t believe it. “I called my husband and told him that I wanted him to check something out for me to be sure that I wasn’t missing anything,” she says.  

“Yes, it’s real, you did it,” he told her. 

“I could barely talk,” recalls Ublies, “and that’s rare, believe me! "I am so humbled and grateful to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. My faith in God has kept me focused through all of the trials and challenges on this educational journey."

Now that she’s back in school, Ublies has good company. Her mom, Vanessa, is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree, her dad, Spright Simpson III, will be pursuing a PhD and her husband, Norman, is finishing a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Along with her siblings, Shana, Angela and Spright, and two wonderful sons, 13-year old Joshua and 7-year old Isaiah, Ublies has plenty of support on this journey to make it all worthwhile!