An NCU Alum's Career in Human Resource Management

Human resources career

Earning your degree and transitioning into a full-time career is something that NCU strives to accomplish for all of its students. No matter what area of study you choose to follow, you can rest assured that you're receiving a quality education that not only accommodates your schedule, but prepares you for success in the professional world. 

One of our distinguished alums, Monica Stinson, represents that standard with her own story as a single parent looking for the best opportunities to further her educational goals. Currently, she is the Vice President of Human Resources (HR) Management for a leading health care firm, but her achievements certainly didn't happen over night. 

To give you a better idea of Monica's journey as an NCU student, she has offered to share her insights with us about the philosophy of her major, along with how she was able to overcome her busy schedule and evolve into a career that she truly loves. 

NCU Helps You Achieve Goals, Not Settle for Them

As any working adult can attest, finding the time to improve one's personal and financial situation can be tough without the right training. "Being a single parent did not always allow for a traditional academic experience," says Monica. "With children to take care of, multiple schedules to balance, and other responsibilities to handle, the desired classroom setting just wasn't an option for me moving forward."

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It was after this realization that Monica started to seek alternatives that could achieve two goals: give her the flexibility to spend time with her kids and enhance her credibility to secure a better job. Thankfully, the growing digital age was in full effect, paving the way for a remote education at a crucial time for her. "Once I found NCU, I knew that making progress didn't have to come with any compromises. NCU appeared to me at a time when online education was just beginning to become recognized as legitimate achievement. It was the perfect solution to my getting a Master's degree and it allowed me to earn it on my own time."

In fact, research shows that online education is growing in popularity every year. With tuition costs for four-year universities rising at an exorbitant rate, choosing an online academic experience that saves both time and money is just an added bonus when paired with a world-class curriculum. 

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How a Master's in Psychology Prepared Her for Human Resources

By Monica's account, pursuing a Master's degree in Psychology was the perfect way to jump start her path to an HR career. "Human resources is all about working with people and creating systems that will influence specific behaviors from employees," she explains. "Gaining a deeper understanding of behavior allowed me to produce better outcomes for people and organizations as a whole." 

Over the years, Monica has developed a strong reputation for creating successful employee cultures for different companies. She is often contacted by recruiters to share her expertise with other companies and HR departments, offering her knowledge to enhance the work-life balance that so many people desire. In retrospect, Monica believes that her skill set was originally molded by NCU and its support of a realistic education. "If NCU had not been there at a time when traditional graduate programs were a barrier, I can't say that I would have achieved the same positions and titles."

NCU Offers New Degrees in Human Resource Management

When Monica was a student, a degree in psychology was a viable pursuit for her field. However, NCU now offers specific degrees in Human Resource management, increasing the odds of gainful employment even more with specific industry training. Whether you decide to pursue a Master's of Human Resource Management or a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource management, you can expect to learn the latest in technological advancements used to manage and support a workforce, how to attract skilled employees, develop a company's culture, and lead their overall reputation in the eyes of the public. 

These programs are designed to boost your overall knowledge and leadership skills, preparing you for a wide range of roles within various organizations. For example, here are a few careers that our programs can easily transition to:

Those who are following the PhD route can expect to acquire expert-level knowledge in the field, going beyond fundamental concepts into a greater realm of critical thinking and research skills. Students can expect to discover the impact of HR on a global scale, improving diversity and community on many different levels than just the work space. 

Monica's story is an inspiration to new and returning students because she has accomplished her goals on her own terms. NCU is honored to support those who are willing to make a positive change in their lives, and we hope that her journey encourages you to embark on your own. 

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