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NCU Alumni: Getting to Know Dr. Diane Hamilton

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There are countless graduates from NCU who go on to achieve incredible success. Whether it's directing the mission of a non-profit or leading a major company into a new frontier, there is a story behind the individual that deserves to be shared with the world, and Dr. Diane Hamilton is the ultimate proponent to get the message across.

Having penned numerous leadership books and transmitting her insight nationally on multiple radio shows, Dr. Hamilton earned her PhD in Business Administration at NCU, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2008. Since her years as a student, she has continued to thrive as an artist and entrepreneur, taking time to lend her valuable insights to others who may be struggling to find their voice in the humdrum of professional pursuits. 

Students at any level can find value in the work that Hamilton puts forth, and thankfully, she has offered to share a bit of her history as a student and how she transformed herself into a media mogul. The alumni from NCU are a unique group with a fresh perspective on the world and Diane sets the precedent. Here's what you should know about her: 

What was NCU Like for You as a Student?

"I enjoyed my experience at NCU," says Diane. "I particularly liked how I could work on my program at a faster pace. I am one of those people who works well on my own and used that momentum to my advantage." 

Diane is no stranger to the flexibility of an online education. Before enrolling at NCU, she earned her MA in Organizational Management at the University of Phoenix within a year. After that, she took on a myriad of positions, teaching herself how to sell home loans, instructing others on how to use Microsoft Word on their computers, and even being a pharmaceutical sales rep. In 2008, Hamilton used her tenacity to teach online classes, focusing on real estate principles. From there, she knew that earning a doctorate would give her full range to enhance her skillset, and this is where NCU fell into place. 

Has Your Doctorate Degree Made a Difference in Your Career?

"Part of the reason I wanted a PhD was to teach more online courses," Hamilton explains. "However, a big part of it was to see how challenging it would be to receive one. Apparently, it is incredibly challenging!  I liked that."

Diane already had an extensive business background, so it's a no-brainer that she pursued a doctorate in the same field. With that in mind, she has always been intrigued by the link between emotional intelligence and sales performance, which actually served as the thesis for her final dissertation. With her degree in hand, it opened the door to many opportunities that paved the way for her booming career.

"Once I had the degree, I was able to teach far more online courses, and it led to me becoming the MBA Program Chair at the Forbes School of Business and Technology and a Doctoral Chair at the University of Phoenix," says Hamilton. "I have worked for 10 universities and have taught more than 1,000 online business courses. I learn something from each course I teach. There is always someone in class that has an experience I haven't had.”

What Accomplishments are You the Most Proud of?

There are plenty of things that Hamilton could mention, but one of the most rewarding accomplishments she notes is an assessment she created with the help of her studies from NCU.

"I used my experience working with personality assessments in my doctoral dissertation process to generate an assessment that measures curiosity," says Hamilton. "The courses I took in statistics also helped prepare me to do the factor analysis required for the test." Of course, Hamilton is proud to recognize NCU as a foundation for her success, but she has certainly taken flight on her own with a variety of endeavors on a major scale. 

"Another project I’m really proud of is my work as a nationally syndicated radio show host, author, award-winning speaker, consultant, and educator," says Hamilton. "My books have become required reading in universities around the world. I have shared the speaking stage with legends like Marshall Goldsmith, Jeffrey Hayzlett, and many more. I interview some of the top business people in the world including Steve Forbes, Ken Fisher, Craig (Craigslist) Newmark, Keith Krach, Jeff Hoffman, Naveen Jain, Roya Mahboob, and so many more. Many of them have endorsed my book and assessment that help organizations improve levels of curiosity in their workers."

Achieve More with NCU

Dr. Diane Hamilton embodies the potential that NCU hopes to instill in students from all walks of life. From her experiences, trust that you can learn and achieve more than what you think you can, and more importantly, know that you have a university that fosters your inner entrepreneur when you're in search of opportunities.  

It's understandable that others may come from different backgrounds equipped with different educational goals, but the yearning for improvement is always the same. At NCU, you can surround yourself with like-minded individuals and bring to light the inspiration and drive waiting to be released. 

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