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Meet the New School of Technology Professors

NCU School of Technology

Betting that technology will become more integrated into our daily lives is like betting that night will fall – it’s practically a sure thing. The job projections bear this out – the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that tech jobs will rise 13% in the decade between 2016 and 2026; that’s 557,100 new jobs.

To make the industry even more dynamic, advancements are progressing toward new horizons, such as machine learning, cybersecurity and data science.

Northcentral University’s School of Technology offers academic programs that speak to today’s working environment that allow you to evolve along with your field. Our professors add real-world perspectives to course materials and one-on-one learning to prepare you to make an impact in private enterprise, public organizations and the academic field.

We’d like to introduce you to two new professors who have a passion for teaching, possess unique perspectives on technology and can help you achieve your goals if you’re considering an advanced technology degree.

NCU's Dr. Syed Raza

Dr. Syed Raza

Throughout his career in technology, Dr. Syed Raza has uncovered several truths about his given field; it’s all connected and it’s so broad that specializations are essential to ensure meaningful integration into business and academia. Additionally, as tech becomes more ingrained in our lives, we won’t have the workforce to sustain it.

From the juxtaposing views of growth and scarcity – connection and specialization, Dr. Raza teaches students to master specialized skills to advance the field and support its functionality in business and academia. “I prepare students to play vital roles in academic research and development, as well as becoming successful as part of an enterprise,” he says. “Each specialization is a focal point in an expanding landscape.”

He teaches courses that are part of the Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management, performs program review, is a course development subject matter expert, and the program coordinator on the Ph.D. and Master and Ph.D. teams.


In his native Pakistan, Dr. Raza received his first master’s degree in computer sciences before becoming a programmer in Dubai. “At this point, I started thinking about how technology penetrated the entire company, and then I switched my focus,” he explained. He then came to the United States to work as a Java developer and joined AT&T Research and Development as a System Engineer. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems, major in Information Security and earned his Ph.D. in Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University.

He began working at Talladega College, making the transition from private enterprise to higher education. “It’s all in the same ballgame,” said Dr. Raza. “You either need an education or experience to demonstrate the skills needed for the job.”

Teaching Philosophy

A strong advocate of the advisor-student relationship, Dr. Raza believes that the connection helps undecided students choose the right pathway to acquire skills that help them become the best fit for their chosen profession.

“Our core courses offer a foundation, then the student chooses the areas that they want to go into, an industry-related or education-related profession,” he said. “In our coursework, we are constantly applying research, reviewing industry-demand and upcoming trends to help students create skills that can be applied to popular jobs.”

“We prepare the student one-on-one to help them fill industry gaps so that they can grow professionally,” he continued. “Our rigorous approach allows the new generation and existing generations to work and move forward together.”

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