The Materials You Need in Online Education

The days of deciding between college-rule and wide-rule notebooks are over. Education has evolved and entered the age of online – no notebooks required. Northcentral University, an accredited university offering a wide variety of degree programs, has embraced the transition, offering a 100% online learning experience. And while you can leave the Trapper Keeper and Pink Pearl behind, a few materials can improve the education experience. 

As Northcentral University functions solely through online communications, each Student should have access to a computer, whether desktop or laptop. To ensure a successful experience, the computer should be equipped with a CD-ROM, color monitor, keyboard and mouse. Both Macintosh and PC operating systems are allowed and an email address is essential in order to fulfill assignments with ease and submit them properly. Details on technical requirements and software applications can be found here. 

While school would hardly be school without textbooks, online education gives students more options in accessing these fundamental resources. Course materials fee's will cover the cost of your required materials and books required to advance your education.

More than power cords and book covers, the most essential material to succeed in online education is the desire and motivation to learn and improve your life by earning an advanced degree. Find out more about Northcentral University today by visiting, or by calling 1-866-776-0331 for further information about tuition, fees and financial aid.