Marketing Trends for 2017

We all hear about marketing—marketing a business, marketing ourselves. But what is marketing and what are the current marketing trends that matter most?

Defining Marketing

As Entrepreneur sums up, “Marketing is a form of communicating with consumers in the hopes of selling them a product or a service.” There are many different delivery methods for marketing—the written word; images; videos; social media.

Looking at the current marketing trends will help you find the best delivery method, enabling you to focus your marketing efforts.

Using Social Media

One of the biggest focuses in current marketing trends is on social media—for good reason. According to a recent Deloitte survey, “84% of all consumers and over 90% of Gen Z and Millennials are on social networks.”

Working closely to discover which social media platform is best for your target market is essential. Each one—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest—has a different audience and a different platform. Exploring the markets and the audiences and finding the best social media platforms for your business is essential to marketing success.

Interactive Content

Finding a way to incorporate interactive content to market your business is one of today’s hottest marketing trends. This type of content was made hugely popular by BuzzFeed’s online quizzes. One of their most popular, What City Should You Actually Live In, has driven enormous amounts of traffic over the years.

Dare to be different and find unique ways to pull customers into your website and attract them to your brand. According to a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute in 2016, the most popular types of interactive content include assessments, calculators, contests, and quizzes.

Video Content

Another marketing trend is live streaming and using video to tell a story. While all types of content are crucial to a complete marketing campaign, video is increasingly important, with more than one billion users on YouTube. Some of the most powerful live streaming platforms today are Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, both of which are especially popular for promoting events. As Entrepreneur magazine points out, essentials for effectively marketing via live streaming include making your web address visible; mentioning your website during the broadcast; getting permission from your customers before live streaming; and never sharing copyrighted performances.

Customer Experience is Important

One of the most important marketing trends today is that everything happens in real time. Customers can respond instantly on social media to anything that happens—good or bad. You have to use marketing to create an outstanding customer experience.

Daniel Newman, CEO of Broadsuite Media Group, commented in an article in Forbes, “What sets your brand apart? Here’s a hint: It’s not your product or service. It’s the experience you create for consumers—how you meet their needs and entrench your brand in their personal identity.”

As Newman states, make the customer a priority across your entire company and it will become a living, breathing part of your marketing strategy.

Offer Personalized Experiences

Personalization is another one of today’s hottest marketing trends. We see personalization everywhere, from the Coca-Cola cans and bottles with customer names on them to customized smart phone covers to bespoke vacations where customers can create their own experiences. Customers demand something unique and authentic today. When you create your marketing strategy, consider how you can offer something personalized for your customers.

Stay Updated on Marketing Trends

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to keep up-to-date on today’s newest marketing trends. The Content Marketing Institute is one great source for the newest information. For social media marketing specific information, Social Media Examiner offers an interesting look at the online world of marketing. HubSpot, an online provider of marketing, sales, and CRM software, also has an extensive online resource section. The American Marketing Association offers continuously updated resources. The current marketing trends are ever changing, requiring vigilance and a company-wide focus to make every company successful in today’s fast-paced, global market.