Managing Virtual Organizations

To help you prepare for the present and future workplace, the School of Business at Northcentral University is pleased to announce the new Management of Virtual Organizations specialization for the MBA, MSOL, MPA, and MHRM!

Who would have foreseen how much the workplace and location of work would be transformed in such a short period of time? Virus outbreaks, technology, and communication devices have all led to a whole new way of conducting business. Now, instead of commuting, huddles, cubicles, shared copiers, donuts, and breakroom gossip, there are virtual meetings, barking dogs, home-schooling, half-professionally dressed employees, and flex-time. Ready or not, the workplace has experienced a tectonic shift from traditional to virtual.

Being part of the virtual environment is not unique to Northcentral University, as NCU has been a leader in online education since 1996. NCU visionaries gauged and quickly adjusted to the future direction of education and business. From the beginning, faculty at Northcentral University have worked as virtual team members from around the globe bringing expertise in the virtual workplace to the online classroom. NCU is also a leader in supporting the needs of virtual leaders and managers through the Center for the Advancement of Virtual Organizations (CAVO).

A business degree and specialization in Managing Virtual Organizations can jumpstart your career, increase career effectiveness, and enhance your potential. This specialization will prepare you for the lasting changes resulting from the pandemic to make a difference within your industry and communities. Managing Virtual Organizations is not just an educational program, but an essential foundation and understanding of practices that will inevitably remain on a more permanent basis in the business world.

Returning to the physical office in some capacity may be on the horizon, but virtual work is here to stay. A Harris poll survey commissioned by Microsoft (2020) reveals 82% of managers expect flexible work-from-home policies to continue post pandemic. The Managing Virtual Organizations specialization through the School of Business at Northcentral University will prepare you to lead and manage in the virtual workplace by providing real world applicable content, career tools, methods to improve communities, and much more.

Melody Rawlings, EdD
Director, Center for the Advancement of Virtual Organizations