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Increasingly recognized for its effectiveness in achieving student outcomes, online learning is providing access to higher education and the convenience of anywhere, anytime learning. Northcentral University’s (NCU) model of active faculty engagement, in a one-to-one model, also creates multiple mentoring opportunities, with 100% doctoral faculty, who are discipline experts and master teachers.

Perhaps though, an unheralded benefit of online learning is as important as the others. Online learning allows students to learn to work in the environment of next century companies and clinics. 

Working as a distributed workforce, communicating through meeting software, and managing a remote workforce are all learning practices students experience while attending NCU. Through NCU’s one-to-one faculty engagement model, students learn from experts in the field through virtual meeting software, video, simulations, and live webinars. 

Technology Advancements Boost Online Learning Experiences

Technology has changed not only how we experience work and learning, but it has also enabled us to develop a community, without physical limits. Virtual platforms enable a globally dispersed population of students and faculty the chance to collaborate, support and learn from each other.

Northcentral University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program features the CAPSIM virtual simulation software for students to utilize in the Capstone course. Leveraging the same business simulation tool as many onground business schools, the final NCU online MBA course challenges students across every business discipline — accounting, management, operations, marketing, finance and economics. An immersive simulation, the Capstone will test students’ knowledge and assumptions in a real-world, competitive virtual environment.

Programs offered in our School of Social and Behavioral Sciences contain practicums that include bi-weekly video conferencing through Zoom meeting software. These practicum seminars are conducted online via Internet video conferencing, using security features in order to maintain confidentiality and security of information and to meet HIPAA privacy regulations. Learning methods include short writing exercises and 15 hours of participant involvement in videoconferences with colleagues and course faculty. During the video conferences, there are critiques of vignettes, role playing exercises, and discussion of short papers.

NCU’s Doctor of Education in Nursing Education program contains curriculum focused on researching technology trends. The program offers courses designed to examine current technology trends including simulation, online learning, learning management systems, instructional design, web 2.0 tools, computer assisted learning, presentation software, electronic health records, and videos. Through discussion and sharing, students refine their skills in using these tools to practice as an educator.

Online learning is increasingly recognized as being as effective or more effective- than historical on-ground learning, but it also has the advantage of teaching students how to work in future endeavors, while earning their degree.

Learn more about current program offerings at Northcentral University and let our team help you begin your online education journey today. 

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