Kick-Starter Grant Recipient Plans to Provide Career Resources to Young Adults Who Are Not College-Bound

NCU Kick-Starter Grant recipient, Krystin Mavity, embraces education and currently works for the Omaha Public Schools as an Education Technician.  Mavity earned a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, a Master of Library and Information Science, and is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Philosophy in Education at Northcentral University. She also authored Supporting Career and Technical Programming in Libraries, which appeared in the February 2015 issue of Nebraska Libraries.

Although education is central to her life and dreams, Mavity understands that not everyone is suited for a traditional four-year degree. And whether a student is college bound or not, she is passionate about helping her high school students develop a career plan as an essential component for success.

“I have heard from those who wonder what the right path is and have seen the adults they become when they make a leap with no plan,” explains Mavity. “My inspiration came from knowing there is more than one way to build a successful life and wanting to provide support to those who haven’t yet learned that lesson.”

With the $20,000 NCU Kick-Starter Grant that Mavity will receive upon completion of her degree program, she plans to establish an alternative career center to provide resources—including resume assistance and job fitness testing—to individuals who seek career success without college.  

Mavity’s NCU education will help her fulfill her dream. “At NCU, I will be focusing my studies on career development in middle and high school aged students,” she says.