June NCU Bright Future Scholarship Recipient: Marcia Sobers-Charles

Marcia Sobers-Charles

Going Further Together: Improving Learning Outcomes Around the World

Marcia Sobers-Charles isn’t afraid of big challenges. In fact, she’s chosen to take on one of the biggest—improving educational outcomes globally.

Sobers-Charles knows that such a lofty goal can’t be accomplished alone, so she takes inspiration from an African Proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.”

As a recipient of the NCU Bright Future Scholarship, Sobers-Charles will ensure that she has the support she needs to make the future bright for scores of students around the world by focusing on collaboration.

“With my education and experience, I will travel around the world sharing my ideas about implementing curriculum that truly reflects 21st Century learning in meaningful ways,” Sobers-Charles explains.

Sobers-Charles recently  enrolled in Northcentral University’s School of Education to pursue her Doctor of Education in International Education degree. As she pursues her degree, she’ll continue her work as an Education Advisor to gain experience for the task ahead.

Collaborating to Transform Education

Sobers-Charles currently works with school leaders and teachers to improve education in Malaysian secondary schools. After earning her degree from NCU, she plans to continue to transform learning outcomes by:

  1. Collaborating with school districts and Ministries of Education
  2. Fostering partnerships between local and national education entities and organizations
  3. Working with teacher training colleges to evaluate existing courses and design new ones
  4. Implementing curriculum globally that reflects real-world concerns

“These courses will emphasize instructional approaches that blend academic content with real-life skills, not just for state assessments or national exams, but for life outside the classroom,” explains Sobers-Charles.

Sharing the News

Sobers-Charles is married and has a nine-year-old daughter. When she learned she’d won a full tuition scholarship, Sobers-Charles shared the news with her sisters. “They were ecstatic because they knew I really wanted to pursue my doctorate, but I was concerned about how I would finance it," she says. "I feel so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity."