June NCU Bright Future Recipient: Wanda Malave

Wanda Malave

Bridging the Gap Between Communities and Law Enforcement

Wanda Malave has a peaceful vision. For the past 27 years, she’s dreamed of facilitating positive change between local law enforcement and the communities they serve—and, the full tuition NCU Bright Future Scholarship will support her journey to achieve it.

“It feels as if I’ve received a dose of strength and vigor to keep moving forward,” she says of being one of the recipients of the June scholarship.

Malave is a student at the School of Business and Technology Management at Northcentral University and is working toward a PhD in Business Administration with a specialization in Criminal Justice.  

She believes her NCU PhD degree program will provide the knowledge and qualifications she needs to pursue grants, rebuild the civic culture in Belle Glade, Florida and ultimately unite local law enforcement officers with the rural communities they serve.

Tragedy, Family and Love

Malave’s need to facilitate solutions between the community and the police force arose from personal tragedy when her first husband was killed by New York City police officers. For 27 years, she has turned her grief toward healing. 

She currently works with the Palm Beach County School District and is the founder and Executive Director of Thumb Tuck Tight, a nonprofit organization to help fulfill her mission. She is the author of The Code of Silence Must be Broken to Address Problems in our Criminal Justice System and fictional book, “To Love One Another” which she wrote in the hopes of creating positive change.

Malave is grateful to her advisors, Betsy Woulard and Kathleen Van Riper, for encouraging her to apply for the scholarship. She also acknowledges her family for their love—including her husband of 25 years, who responded to her tearful announcement that she’d won the full tuition scholarship by exclaiming, “Oh boy! That’s good! I knew I married a geek!”

Meanwhile, the NCU Bright Future Scholarship award helps keep her focused on her ultimate goal, “My dream is to one day see the police and the community getting along without being afraid of each other,” she says. “Loving one another is the only way to go.”