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July NCU Future Scholarship Recipient: Hali Hunt

Hali Hunt

“Advanced degrees through higher education have always been a childhood dream of mine,” says Hali Hunt, one of the July NCU Bright Future Scholarship recipients. “I will be the first male in my family to obtain such a prestigious accomplishment.” 

Although the road to pursuing a higher degree for Hunt has been filled with many challenges, he has stayed true to his small town roots in West Greenville, South Carolina. After high school graduation, he entered the Army and served as a proud member of the 82nd Airborne Division. As a veteran, he transitioned into teaching at the elementary school level, and later as a college adjunct professor. During this time, the father of two young children endured several part-time jobs to help finance his undergraduate and MBA studies.  His hard work paid off and currently he is the Director of Human Resources for a school district in Texas. His goal in pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in HR at NCU is to create a positive ripple effect throughout his community and empower others with the skills to cope, overcome, and lead through life’s most unpredictable circumstances. 

“I am passionate about human resources, and I desire to create a premier department that clearly and consistently achieves excellence,” says Hunt. “I will create new, innovative, strategic programs to resolve high dropout rates, jobless rates, and other systemic cultural factors that school districts face on a regular basis.” 

Hunt believes it was only appropriate that the first person he told about winning the scholarship award was his mom, Wanita Hunt. He also wants to thank God, his wife Katrina and children Essence and Landon, neighbors, church members, coworkers, coaches, and pastors who have all impacted his life in a positive way.  

“This scholarship is the most honorable and prestigious award I have ever received,” says Hunt. “I am truly honored and full of gratitude for receiving it.”